Best Boxing Pads

Best Boxing Pads

There are now more people than ever doing combat sports training in their homes. Many of which are learning how to hold boxing pads so they can train with friends outside of the gym.

That is why we’ve put together this list of the best boxing pads. All of these products are the best boxing pads currently on Amazon with links provided.

We’ve also provided a section linking our other best of write ups just in case you need any more recommendations.

Looking for other recommendations?

Are you looking for any other recommendations besides the best boxing pads on Amazon? We’ve got you covered! Here are the links to our other best combat sports product write ups for you to check out.

Knowing the different types of striking pads

Before you look for the best boxing pads, you need to know the difference between each type of striking pads. Here are short descriptions of each style of striking pads.

Boxing Mitts/pads

Boxing mitts or pads were the first style of striking pads made specifically for punching. They’re generally double the size of the holder’s hands and either circular or diamond shaped. Usually having a slight downward curve that mats a pouch for a punch to land in.

Muay Thai pads 

The next evolution in striking pads were the Muay Thai pads. These pads are longer, rectangular and designed to absorb numerous types of strikes and not just punches.

Focus mitts

Focus mitts are miniature versions of boxing pads that are used for boxers to work on their precision punching.


Hayabusa makes yet another appearance on our best boxing pads list. They have two very well made boxing pads that we’ve detailed below.

Hayabusa PTS 3 Focus Mitts Micro 

Hayabusa PTS 3 Focus Mitts Micro 
  • Perfect Rating
  • Vylar Leather
  • Air Pocket Cushions
  • 3 Layers Of Eva Foam
  • Comfortable
  • Breathable Inner Mesh

First from Hayabusa are probably the best punching mitts that they currently make. The Hayabusa PTS 3 Focus Mitts Micro currently has a perfect Amazon rating that is more than deserted.

Hayabusa made the mitts with their patented vylar leather that is as sturdy as genuine leather. Complete with three layers of eva foam and air pocket cushions that give a pop sound when hit just right.

But these pads are not only durable, but they’re also comfortable and breathable thanks to the inner mesh lining. You can’t go wrong with these punching pads from Hayabusa.

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Hayabusa PTS 3 Focus Mitts Standard

Hayabusa PTS 3 Focus Mitts Standard
  • Vylar Leather
  • Air Pocket Cushions
  • Prevents Wrist Torque
  • Comfortable
  • Multi Use

If you want a more standard style of pads, Hayabusa has the Hayabusa PTS 3 Focus Mitts Standard. These mitts are made of the same top grade materials as the micro mitts, but just a bit bigger.

The standard PTS 3 mitts are also made of vylar leather and include air pocket cushions for strikes to land. Hayabusa made these mitts with a curved diamond shape to help prevent wrist torque when strikes don’t connect properly.

These boxing pads are comfortable, offer a secure fit, and multi use for various striking martial arts.


Meister makes some great combat sports products and that includes some of the best boxing mitts that you can buy. Here are the two types of mitts that they currently have available on Amazon.

Meister Cowhide Leather Focus Mitts 

Meister Cowhide Leather Focus Mitts 
  • Cowhide Leather
  • Curved Style
  • Large Wrist Padding
  • Protects Hands & Wrists
  • Comfortable

First from Meister is their Meister Cowhide Leather Focus Mitts. Made from real cowhide leather and designed with a slightly curved style to keep strikes centered.

Complete with foam padding to absorb impacts and lard wrist padding to protect your hands and wrists. These mitts are lightweight, comfortable, and just what you need for a pad striking session.

Meister Contoured Padded Punch Mitts

Meister Contoured Padded Punch Mitts
  • Durable Synthetic Leather
  • Lightweight
  • 3in Power Center
  • Ergonomically Designed
  • Affordable

The other line of boxing pads that Meister makes are their Meister Contoured Padded Punch Mitts. Meister made these affordable pads out of durable synthetic leather thai is super lightweight.

They included 3 inch power centers and an ergonomic design with a slight curve. Designed to help sharpen a fighter’s accuracy while keeping the holder’s hands and wrists protected during mitt sessions.

Title Boxing

Title Boxing is one of the premiere combat sports bands. They make a wide variety that is considered some of the best boxing pads that you can buy. Here are four different pads that they currently sell on Amazon.

Title Platinum Punch Mitts 2.0 

Title Platinum Punch Mitts 2.0 
  • Top Grain Leather
  • Hook & Loop Wrist Attachment
  • 2.5in of Padding
  • Shock Absorbing Molded Padding
  • Rubber Ball Centers
  • Optimal Wrist Supports

First from Title is their top shelf mitts and arguably the best boxing pads that the company makes. The Title Platinum Punch Mitts 2.0 are hook and loop style mitts made of quality top-grain leather.

They include 2.5 inches of shock absorbing molded padding and rubber ball centers. Designed as the target for strikers and for the holder to palm during mitt work.

These pads also provide optimal wrist support thanks to the hook and loop closures.

Title Ultra Lite Incredi-Ball Punch Mitts 

Title Ultra Lite Incredi-Ball Punch Mitts 
  • All Leather Construction
  • Pre Curved Designs
  • 1.75in of Impact Resistant Foam
  • Sweat Repellent Lining
  • Comfortable

Next from Title Boxing is their Title Ultra Lite Incredi-Ball Punch Mitts. A smaller and lighter pair of mitts that have a well-made all-leather construction.

Designed with pre-curved designs that are almost the size of focus mitts. Even though these are light mitts, they still come with 1.75 inches of impact-resistance foam.

Also, sweat repellent linings that will help keep your hands dry while you’re doing pad work.

Title Boxing Aerovent Excel Incredi-Mitts 2.0 

Title Boxing Aerovent Excel Incredi-Mitts 2.0 
  • Recreation of Titles Patented Mitts
  • 2.5in Shock Absorbing Impact Foam
  • Rubber Ball Palm Grips
  • Aerovent inset
  • Hook & Loop Closure

The Title Boxing Aerovent Excel Incredi-Mitts 2.0 are a recreation of Title Boxing’s patented mitts they originally produced. In this updated edition, Title created these pads with 2.5 inches of absorbing impact foam and rubber ball palm grips.

Both are designed to protect the hands of the striker and holder. Also as the name implies, these mitts include aerovent insets to make the pads breathable and wick sweat.

Title Classic Panther Micro Mitts

Title Classic Panther Micro Mitts
  • New & Improved Contour Design
  • 1.75in of Shock Absorbing Impact Foam
  • Open Finger Style
  • Hook & Loop Closure
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The last pair of pads from Title that we’ll highlight is their Title Classic Panther Micro Mitts. These pads by Title have a new and improved contour design that made these lines of mitts even better.

Even though they’re micro mitts, they still come with 1.75 inches of shock-absorbing foam. Title Boxing also went with an open finger design with hook and loop closures.

Your wrists will be protected, while your hands are comfortable.

Cleto Reyes

Cleto Reyes is one of the best boxing product makers in the world. This includes making some of the best boxing pads in the world. Here are the two highly rated mitts that they currently sell on Amazon.

Cleto Reyes Regular Curved Mitts 

Cleto Reyes Regular Curved Mitts 
  • Perfect Rating
  • Handcrafted In Mexico
  • 100% Leather
  • Advanced Moisture Protection Lining 
  • Hand Shaped Molds
  • Easy To Clean

One of the best boxing pads on our list is this one from Cleto Reyes. Their Cleto Reyes Regular Curved Mitts are top shelf pads that currently have a perfect Amazon rating.

The fantastic mitts were handcrafted in Mexico with 100% leather complete with hand shaped molds to align with your hands. These pads are easy to clean and include advanced moisture protecting lining to get your hands dry during training.

We highly recommend these gloves if you don’t mind paying a little more.

Cleto Reyes Curved Mitts w/ Hook & Loop Closure

Cleto Reyes Curved Mitts w/ Hook & Loop Closure
  • Perfect Rating
  • Handcrafted In Mexico
  • 100% Leather
  • Complete Hand Protection
  • Hand Shaped Mold
  • Hook & Loop Closure

The next pair of mitts from Cleto Reyes are just as good as the previous pair we highlighted. Their Cleto Reyes Curved Mitts w/ Hook & Loop Closure are among the best boxing pads that you can buy.

These also have a perfect Amazon rating and were handcrafted in Mexico from 100% leather. Cleto Reyes designed these pads with a hand shaped mold that completely protects your hands.

If you buy these mitts, they are guaranteed to get years worth of mitt work out of them.

Fairtex Boxing Pads

Fairtex is known for making some of the world’s best combat sports training equipment. People know them mostly for their high-grade Muay Thai equipment, but their boxing gear is equally great. Here are three of the best boxing pads that Fairtex currently make.

Fairtex Maximized Focus Mitts

Fairtex Maximized Focus Mitts
  • Durable Microfiber
  • Odorless
  • Extra Palm Padding
  • Inner Breathable Mesh Fabric

The Fairtex Maximized Focus Mitts are quality boxing mitts that you’d expect from a great company like Fairtex. They’re made with a durable microfiber that will not only last a long time, but is odorless.

These boxing pads also ensure that the mitt holder is fully protected, while doing mitt work rounds. Coming complete with extra palm padding and inner wrist absorption to take the impact of strikes. They also have an inner mesh to keep the holder’s hands cool and dry during training.

Fairtex Ultimate Contoured Focus Mitts

Fairtex Ultimate Contoured Focus Mitts
  • Ergonomically Engineered Fit
  • Minimize Wrist Injuries
  • Comfortable Snug Fit
  • Durable

The durable and comfortable Fairtex Ultimate Contoured Focus Mitts are some of the best focus mitts in the market. They have an ergonomically engineered fit with a design that gives the pad holder full protection.

Their design minimizes both the risk of wrist and finger injuries, while helping improve the student’ accuracy. These focus mitts have a comfortable snug fit and are made with the patented high-end leather Fairtex is known for. 

Fairtex Classic Pro Mitts

Fairtex Classic Pro Mitts
  • Multi-Layered Soft Foam Core
  • Extra Soft Padded Hand Compartment
  • Full Wrist Support
  • No Jammed Fingers

If you want pads with the classic design, Fairtex has you covered with their Fairtex Classic Pro Mitts. These include a multi-layered soft foam core that absorbs the full impact of punches, while keeping the trainer protected.

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The slight angular design ensures no jammed fingered and a tight leather strap to give full support to the trainer’s wrists. Inside the mitts also includes extra soft padded compartments with moisture-absorbing features. 

Your hands will be comfortable and stay dry when you’re wearing these mitts during training sessions.


RDX makes anything and everything within the world of combat sports. Including two of the best boxing pads that we have listed below.

RDX Boxing Pads Curved Focus Mitts 

RDX Boxing Pads Curved Focus Mitts
  • Maya Hide L’orme Skin Leather
  • Perforated Finger Shield Panel
  • Polygonal Fusion Shock Padding
  • Inside Palm Ball
  • Quick EZ Loop Straps 

First from RDC is their RDX Boxing Pads Curved Focus Mitts. They made these mitts with quality maya hide l’orme skin leather and polygon fusion shock padding.

Making them incredibly durable for an affordable style of boxing pads. They also include a perforated finger shield panel and an inside palm ball to hold as strikes hit the pads.

A very good option if you don’t want to spend a lot, but still want something with quality.

RDX Convex Skin Leather Focus Mitts

RDX Convex Skin Leather Focus Mitts
  • Amazon’s Choice
  • Maya Hide Convex Leather
  • Eva Foam Padding
  • Aerated Hand Compartments
  • EZ Grip Ball

Next from RDX are their highest-rated pair of mitts. The RDX Convex Skin Leather Focus Mitts are an Amazon’s Choice product and one of the most sold pads on Amazon.

Designed with maya hide convex leather and extra padded eva foam to make these mitts really durable. Also for comfort and breathability, RDX added aerated hand compartments and ez grip balls at the center of the pads.

Sanabul Essential Curved Boxing Mitts

Sanabul Essential Curved Boxing Mitts
  • Amazon’s Choice
  • Leather
  • Santec Ultra Light Foam
  • Fully Protects Hands & Wrists
  • 5 Color Options

Sanabul makes anything and everything in the combat sports market. Including their Sanabul Essential Curved Boxing Mitts that are an Amazon’s choice product.

Even though these are an affordable style of mitts, Sanabul still made this from leather and ultra-light zantac foam. Designed to completely protect your hands and wrists, while still being comfortable.

You can currently get these boxing pads in 5 different color options.

Valleycomfy Boxing Curved Mitts 

Valleycomfy Boxing Curved Mitts 
  • Amazon’s Choice
  • High Quality Pu Leather
  • 1.5in of Dense Foam
  • Wear Resistant
  • 2 Color Options

Valleycomfy is one of the lesser known brands on our list, but they have some great reviews on Amazon. Their Valleycomfy Boxing Curved Mitts are high selling Amazon’s Choice Product.

Made from high quality Pu leather with 1.5 inches of dense foam that are wear resistant. They’re also very comfortable and provide a snug fit, while still delivering comfort.

These boxing mitts are currently offered in 2 different color options.

Hawk Sports Punching Mitts

Hawk Sports Punching Mitts
  • Most Affordable Option 
  • Lightweight
  • Air Ventilated
  • Eva Foam Padded
  • 5 Year Warranty

Hawk Sports is another company that makes everything within the combat sports market. Their Hawk Sports Punching Mitts are hands down the most affordable option on our list that still offers quality.

These boxing pads are lightweight, air-ventilated, and include high-quality eva foam. But the biggest reason that we added them to the list is because they come with a 5 years warranty.

If these mitts don’t hold up for 5 years, then Hawk Sports will give you a full refund.

Everlast Mantis Mitts

Everlast Mantis Mitts
  • Anatomically Correct Hand Positioning
  • Curved Design
  • 3 Layers of Foam
  • 100% Vinyl

Last on our best boxing pads list is a pair of mitts from the legendary company Everlast. They have been synonymous with boxing equipment and their Everlast Mantis Mitts are quality like you’d expect.

Everlast made these mitts out of 100% vinyl and padded them with 3 layers of top quality foam. Complete with a cured design that offers the holder anatomically correct hand positioning while doing pad work.