Guillotine choke

Guillotine Choke : BJJ Submission Explained

The guillotine choke seems pretty simple enough. You wrap your arm around an opponent’s neck, lock your hands, and strangle.
rear naked choke

Rear Naked Choke – RNC – BJJ Submission Explained

The rear naked choke is without a doubt the most known submission in the world and practiced in every type of grappling...
peruvian necktie

Peruvian Necktie: BJJ Submission Explained

When a submission with a name as nasty sounding as the Peruvian Necktie, you know it’s a good one. It was created...
ezekiel choke

Ezekiel Choke: BJJ Technique Explained

With UFC fighter Aleksei Oleinik going on a ridiculous streak of submitting opponents with an ezekiel choke, it’s become a popular technique...

Kimura Lock: BJJ Submission Explained

If you were forced to choose only one submission when grappling, the kimura may be the best one. The kimura lock may...
triangle choke

Triangle Choke: BJJ Technique Explained

When you first begin your training in Jiu Jitsu, there are a group of basic submissions you always learn first. One of...
the best jiu jitsu schools

Jiu Jitsu Schools: The Top 10 Across The Globe

With Jiu Jitsu continuing to explode in popularity it has become even more easy to find a place to train. No matter...
jiu jitsu belt system

Jiu Jitsu Belt System: BJJ Rankings Explained

The art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a fantastic martial art that provides a litany of positives to your life. Many know...