Best Punching Dummies – Updated For 2024

Best Punching Dummies

Not only are dummies for grappling but also for striking. Punching dummies are an incredible piece of equipment for you to work on your striking technique and are widely popular.

Here are some of the best punching Dummies currently available on Amazon with links provided. We also added a section linking our other best of articles just in case you need any other recommendations.

Looking for any other recommendations?

Looking for any other recommendations besides the best punching dummies? We’ve got you covered! Here are the links to our other best of lists.

What are Punching Dummies?

Before you can look to purchase the best punching dummies, you should know exactly what they are. Here is a quick description of what a punching dummy is.

A punching dummy is a piece of equipment used for striking that is a mold of a human’s upper body. Anatomically correct head and torso that feels almost like a real person’s body.

It gives you a feel of what it feels like when you hit a person. The main positive it has over your basic punching bags.

How to use a punching dummy?

Also before you look for the best punching dummies, you really should know how to properly use one. Here are some tips for using a punching dummy for training.

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Precision over power

While the best punching dummies are designed to take hard punches, they are more designed for practicing precision strikes.

Punching dummies are designed for you to attack vital spots of your opponent’s body with precision strikes. Learning how to precisely strike everywhere from the jawline, solar plexus, and liver.

Don’t hit the base

Most punching dummies have a plastic base that you weigh down with water. It is not for striking, so never hit it or you will injure yourself.

Don’t hit the back of the dummy

All punching dummies are designed to be hit from the front like in all types of striking combat sports. The backs of dummies have metal bolts and screws that keep the dummy together. This part is not for striking and you will injure yourself if you hit it.

Century B.O.B. Punching Dummies

Century without a doubt makes the best punching dummies on the planet. We’re not saying they have the best punching dummies to hype them up, but it’s a fact.

They have perfected the punching dummy to the point that no other company has tried making them. Here are the three types of B.O.B dummies Century makes that are the best punching dummies available.

Century B.O.B. Freestanding Dummy

Century B.O.B. Freestanding Dummy
  • Industry Standard
  • Perfect Rating
  • Most Sold Training Dummy
  • Realistic Training
  • Infinite Possibilities
  • Adjustable Height 
  • Multi Use
  • Easily Movable
  • One Year Warranty

This is the boxing dummy that started it all. The Century B.O.B. Freestanding Dummy is not only among the best punching dummies on the market, but the industry standard.

Also along with being the industry standard, it is by far the most sold training dummy in the world. Currently with a perfect Amazon rating with thousands of positive reviews.

This punching dummy offers realistic training with an infinite number of possibilities. Great for everything from boxing, kickboxing, and MMA.

Century made B.O.B. with a high strength plastisol body that feels like you’re really hitting an opponent. Not only does it have a realistic feel, but Bob’s urethane foam can absorb the strongest strikes.

B.O.B can also be adjusted to your desired height between 60-78 inches(152.4 cm-198.12 cm). It can also be easily moved thanks to the dummy’s round base.

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If you are looking for a piece of training equipment to add to your home, this is it. Without a doubt, Century B.O.B. Dummies are the best punching dummies that you can buy.

Century B.O.B. XL Base Unit 

Century B.O.B. XL Base Unit 
  • Extra Large B.O.B.
  • Industry Standard
  • Realistic Training
  • 50lbs(22.67 kg)
  • Durable
  • Adjustable Height
  • Multi Use 
  • High Strength Plastisol Body
  • Urethane Foam
  • Life-like Feel

If you want something bigger than B.O.B, Century makes an even bigger option for you. Their Century B.O.B. XL Base Unit is another one of the best punching dummies on the market.

It is everything that the normal B.O.B. offers that’s double the size. Having the same lifelike plastisol body and filled with even more urethane foam.

Designed for the heavy hitters who needed a heavy punching dummy to train with. Unfilled, the B.O.B. XL is 50lbs(2.67 kg) and filled can weight up to 270lbs(122.47 kg)

This dummy from Century is also a bit taller than the standard B.O.B dummy. Going from 60in-82in(152.4cm-202.28cm) if you need a taller dummy to train with.

Then just like the original dummy, the B.O.B. XL is easily movable thanks to its rounded base. Another one of the best punching dummies that you can get.

BAS UFC Body Action System

BAS UFC Body Action System
  • Freestanding System
  • Complete MMA Training
  • Adjustable Height, Width, & Angles
  • Closest Thing To A Real Sparring Partner

Next on our list of the best punching dummies is one that the UFC makes. Their BAS UFC Body Action System is a level up in training dummy.

It is a freestanding dummy that includes 4 pads. Two punching pads along with a punchable head and body that you can do all types of strikes on.

You can also adjust everything from the dummy’s height, width, and the angles of the punching pads. Providing you with infinite possibilities that you use this dummy for in your training. 

As the UFC states in its description of the BAS, “it is the closest thing to a real sparring partner.”

Nexerseys N3 Interactive Boxing Trainer & Sparring Partner

Many might argue that these don’t belong on a best punching dummies list, but they are the next evolution of training dummies. The Nexersey N3 Interactive Boxing Trainer & Sparring Partner have revolutionized training. Here are the three options that Nexersey currently makes that are all available on Amazon.

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N3 Interactive Home Boxing Trainer 

N3 Interactive Home Boxing Trainer 
  • Interactive Boxing Experience
  • High Intensity Interval Training w/ 3D Mitts & Sparring Partners
  • Evaluates Power, Strength, & Accuracy 
  • Diverse Workouts
  • Perfect For Beginners & Professionals

The first interactive trainer that Nexersey makes is the N3 Interactive Home Boxing Trainer. It is the most advanced home workout trainer that is available on the market.

A complete interactive boxing experience that not only trains you, but also coaches you. This interactive training dummy is programmed to put you through numerous high intensity interval training and sparring workouts.

It includes two punching pads and a body pad for you to practice your boxing. This is a high level piece of training equipment that is good for everyone from beginners to pros.

N3 Professional Boxing Trainer

N3 Professional Boxing Trainer
  • Interactive Boxing & MMA Training
  • Workouts w/ Punches, Elbows, & Knees
  • Two Mitts
  • Body Pad
  • Teaches, Trains & Scores Strikes & Combos

The next level up from the N3 Elite is the N3 Professional Boxing Trainer. It looks exactly like the basic home version, but programmed with double the workouts.

Instead of just boxing, the pro version also includes MMA workouts with its program. You can also work knees and elbows when working with this interactive trainer and sparring partner.

You’ll be learning how to properly throw strikes while having fun and trying to beat your high score.

N3 Commercial Boxing Trainer

N3 Commercial Boxing Trainer
  • Most Advanced Option
  • Workouts w Punches, Elbows, Knees, & Kicks
  • Two Mitts
  • Body Pad
  • Leg Kick Pads

The third interactive trainer that Nexersey makes is the N3 Commercial Boxing Trainer. You are likely to only see this piece of equipment in high end gyms, because it is commercial grade.

This is the most complete interactive trainer that has ever been produced by any company. It comes complete with two punch pads, body pad, and two leg kick pads.

You can literally do every type of striking with this trainer. It includes numerous workouts that will give you a great workout.