muay thai fundementals

Muay Thai Fundamentals: Footwork and Guard

In combat sports, a fighter's stance is modified to enhance their attacking capabilities while negating those of an opponent.
muay thai low kick

Muay Thai Low Kick

There is no doubt that Muay Thai is the most effective of the world's striking arts. The "Art of the Eight Limbs"...
muay thai push kick

Muay Thai Push Kick

There are fewer weapons as crucial to master in Muay Thai than the push kick. Also known as the front kick, or...
muay thai roundhouse kick

Muay Thai Roundhouse Kick

Although the roundhouse kick is perhaps the most common technique in Muay Thai, it is far from an easy strike to perfect....
muay thai clinch

Muay Thai Clinch

What separates Muay Thai from many other contact sports is the clinch. As one of the most integral aspects...