Best Women’s Boxing Shorts (2024 Update)

Best Women's Boxing Shorts

To go along with our article on the best boxing shorts for me, we’ve also made this one. The best women’s boxing shorts currently on Amazon.

We’ve researched all of the best women’s boxing shorts available on Amazon for you to purchase right now. Check out our list of the best women’s boxing shorts below and see which brand you like best.

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What’s the difference between women’s & men’s boxing shorts?

When you see a list of the best women’s boxing shorts or men’s boxing shorts, you may wonder what’s the difference? Honestly, there is really only one major difference between the two and that is in the design.

Normally women have naturally wider hips compared to men’s hips that are more narrow. It’s hard for women to wear boxing shorts in some men’s sizes, because they’re too tight on their hips.

That’s why some makers of boxing shorts started making boxing shorts specifically designed for female boxers. Boxing shorts that contour to the figure of a female boxer and don’t restrict their movement.

Unisex Boxing Shorts

Another option that makers of boxing shorts created were unisex boxing shorts. Boxing shorts designed that both men and women could wear for training or competition.

Unisex boxing shorts are designed with more elasticity in the waist bands, so they can stretch. This design allows for both male and female boxers to wear these types of boxing gloves.


Unfortunately when doing research for the best women’s boxing shorts, we did not find many boxing shorts exclusively for women. But there were a few different products that were listed as unisex for both men and women that are great products.

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Hopefully in the future, the market for women’s boxing apparel will grow. Then we can give you an even bigger list of the best women’s boxing shorts available on Amazon.

Ringside Men’s & Women’s Boxing Trunks 

Ringside Men’s & Women’s Boxing Trunks 
  • For Both Men & Women
  • Trusted Boxing Brand
  • Super Thick Satin Fabrication
  • Wear What The Pros Wear
  • Pro Embroidered Logos
  • 6 Color Options
  • 3 Size Options

First up on our best women’s boxing shorts list are the Ringside Men’s & Women’s Boxing Trunks. If you want to wear what type of shorts the pros wear, then these are the shorts for you.

Ringside is a trusted brand that is known for making quality shorts, gloves, and training equipment. They designed these pro style boxing shorts for both men and women to wear for training or competition.

These boxing trunks are made with super thick satin. Making these boxing shorts as durable as they are comfortable. 

Included on these boxing shorts are two pro style embroideries on the waistband and left leg. These are some of the best women’s boxing shorts on the market and they’re available in 6 colors and 3 sizes.

Pro Impact Unisex Vest & Short Set 

Pro Impact Unisex Vest & Short Set 
  • Unisex(For Men & Women)
  • Good For Training & Competition
  • Lightweight 
  • Durable
  • Tear Resistant
  • Smooth Texture
  • 3 Color Options

Whether you want to train or compete in amateur competitions, the Pro Impact Unisex Vest & Short Set is a great choice. Pro Impact took the time to make these one of the best women’s boxing shorts and vest sets you can buy.

They made this amateur competition set with a 100% knitted polyester. Making this vest and short set a combination of lightweight, durable, and tear resistant.

The texture of the polyester is also really smooth, so you won’t be uncomfortable while you’re wearing the set. Right now, you can get the Pro Impact set in three color options that are permitted for amateur competition.(Red/Black/Blue)

Title Edge Boxing Trunks

Title Edge Boxing Trunks
  • Unisex(For Both Men & Women)
  • Trusted Boxing Brand
  • 100% Polyester
  • Extra Wide 4” Elastic Waistband
  • Machine Washable
  • 5 Color Options

Title Boxing has been one of the most popular boxing brands on the market for a number of years. They make products for all combat sports that are all highly rated.

This includes the Title Edge Boxing Trunks that were created for both men and women to wear. They have a very good rating, which makes them one of the best women’s boxing shorts that you can buy.

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Title made these boxing trunks with a 100% polyester that are as durable as they are comfortable. You can wear these for years without them breaking down.

They also included an extra wide 4” waistband that has extra elasticity, which is great for women with bigger hips. These shorts were made to be machine washable and are currently available in 5 color options.

Hayabusa Pro Boxing Shorts 

Hayabusa Pro Boxing Shorts 
  • Unisex Boxing Shorts
  • Ultra Lightweight
  • Ultra Comfortable
  • Unrestricted Mobility
  • Sweat Wicking Fabric
  • 4 Color Options
  • 5 Size Options

One of the more high end products on our best women’s boxing shorts list is the Hayabusa Pro Boxing Shorts. Hayabusa really put everything into these boxing shorts to make them feel and perform like pro level boxing shorts.

They made these shorts with silky smooth material that is ultra-lightweight and ultra-comfortable. You won’t get weighed down or feel uncomfortable when you’re wearing these boxing shorts.

The fabric they used also included sweat-wicking technology, so they won’t get waterlogged during hard training sessions. Your mobility won’t be restricted either with the extra stretchy waistband that will also stay on firmly while you train.

Hayabusa made their boxing shorts to fit the requirements of boxing competitions and made them in 4 color options. Also five size options for people of different sizes.

Farabi Sports Boxing Shorts(For Men & Women) 

Farabi Sports Boxing Shorts(For Men & Women) 
  • Boxing Shorts For Both Men & Women
  • Nano Satin Polyester Fabric
  • C-Wide Ultra Waistband
  • Stretchable G-Net System
  • D-vento wicking technology
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Approved For Competition
  • 4 Color Options
  • 7 Size Options

Farabi Sports is fairly new to the Amazon market, but they’ve come out with some great combat sports products. Their Farabi Sport Boxing Shorts For Men & Women are some of the best women’s boxing shorts you can currently buy.

They really put a lot into these shorts and marked them at a great price. These shorts are made with nano satin polyester fabric that makes these shorts as comfortable as they are durable.

Your back will always be protected as Farabi designed these boxing shorts with a C-wide ultra waistband. Meaning that the waist contours to your back and offers ultimate support.

If you happen to compete, you could also compete in these shorts as Farabi made them to meet boxing competition requirements. Right now, Farabi Sports is offering a money back guarantee and ensuring that you will be satisfied buying these shorts.

They currently come in 4 color options and over 7 size options.

Hawk Sports Training Shorts 

Hawk Sports Training Shorts 
  • Unisex(For Men & Women)
  • All Purpose Training Shorts
  • Breathable 
  • Double Stitched
  • Affordable
  • 5 Year Replacement Warranty
  • Come in Black
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Next up on our best women’s boxing shorts list is a pair of training shorts at Hawk Sports. They always make sturdy training clothes at an affordable price and the Hawk Sports Training Shorts are no different.

These are all purpose unisex training shorts that you can do all types of training in. Everything from boxing, MMA, kickboxing, Jiu Jitsu,  running, or even crossfit.

Hawk Sports made their training shorts to be heavy duty and breathable. Complete with 125gms micro stretch fabric and double stretched reinforced lycra stretch panels to give you maximum movement while training.

If you’re just looking for something too good to train in, then these training shorts have you covered. The makers of these shorts believe in their product so much that they’ve offered a 5 years replacement warranty on them.

Tuff Sport Women’s Shorts

Tuff Sport Women’s Shorts
  • Shorts Designed For Women
  • For Boxing & Muay Thai Training
  • Made With Microfiber Fabric
  • Lightweight
  • Quick Dry
  • 4 Color Options
  • 5 Size Options

Tuff Sport makes a vast variety of different products, which includes various types of combat sports apparel. Including one of the best women’s boxing shorts currently on the market with the Tuff Sport Women’s Shorts.

These top of the line boxing/Muay Thai shorts are made with top of the line microfiber fabric. This microfiber fabric is as durable as it is comfortable, lightweight, and you’ll get years of training out of these shorts.

This fabric is also created with quick-drying capabilities so that you’ll never be weighed down during training. Whether you are doing boxing training or Muay Thai training.

Right now, Tuff Sport’s women’s shorts are currently available right now in over 4 color options and 5 size options.

Title Aerovent Elite Amateur Boxing Set 3

Title Aerovent Elite Amateur Boxing Set 3
  • Designed For Men & Women
  • Boxing Short & Vest Set
  • Amateur Competition Approved
  • Good For Training & Competition
  • Breathable
  • Comfortable 

The last products we’ll spotlight on our best women’s boxing shorts list is another product from Title Boxing. Their Title Aerovent Elite Amateur Boxing Set 3 is top of the line and made for both men & women to compete in.

This boxing short and vest set are designed to be 100% breathable and durable for boxing training or for amateur competitions. All of Title Boxing’s vest and short sets are approved for all amatuer competitions, so you can always use them.

If you’d prefer another design, Title Boxing has other sets made of the same material and price. They are also some of the best women’s boxing shorts and vests you can get on the market.