Are you tired of getting pwned in MMA (mixed martial arts) forums? Does your lack of UFC knowledge leave you scouring the internet for days to gather that vital information required to present a decent argument? Well, worry not you keyboard warriors, we here at LowKickMMA have compiled a completely comprehensive list of all current UFC record holders and a breakdown of all the UFC stats you’ll ever need to know.

It’s all right here, in one place, every single UFC record holder listed, and the stats broken down for the best fighter in each of the categories. The statistics displayed are current as of UFC 28 (unless otherwise stated) when the promotion began using the unified rules of MMA, and are current as of the day of publishing (August 16th, 2015).

Without further ado, the UFC All-Time Stats & Record Holders list, and first up we’ll start with time….

Ronda Rousey UFC stats

Shortest Average Fight Time (min. 5 fights)

1 Drew McFedries 2:20
2 James Irvin 2:53
3 Ronda Rousey 3:00
4 Todd Duffee 3:18
5 Yancy Medeiros 3:48
6 Thiago Santos 3:49
7 Frank Trigg 3:55
8 Nikita Krylov 3:58
9 Luke Rockhold 4:08
10 Houston Alexander 4:13

UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey is the fastest average fight time among current UFC fighters, but James Irvin and Drew McFedries, both former UFC athletes, top the list officially.

More often than not it was the speed in which they lost that sees McFedries and ‘The Sandman’ at the top of this category, which makes Rousey’s top three placement all the more impressive when you consider the fact she’s undefeated.

So who has the longest fight time? I’ll give you a clue; it isn’t Georges St-Pierre…..

jose aldo ufc stats

Longest Average Fight Time (min. 5 fights)

1 Jose Aldo 21:00
2 Frankie Edgar 18:38
3 Demetrious Johnson 18:12
4 Benson Henderson 17:30
5 Ryan LaFlare 17:00
6 Jake Shields 15:44
7 Georges St-Pierre 15:38
8 Sean Sherk 15:35
9 Hacran Dias 15:00
9 Riki Fukuda 15:00

UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo has spent the most time in the octagon, on average, during his seven-fight career. With only two finishses, and one coming in the fourth round, ‘Scarface’ certainly knows how to take his time.

Backing him up are frequent decision winners Demetrious Johnson and Frankie Edgar.

So, who has the longest overall octagon time? It still isn’t GSP….

frankie edgar ufc stats

Longest Total Fight Time (includes pre-UFC 28)

1 Frankie Edgar 5:35:21
2 Georges St-Pierre 5:28:12
3 BJ Penn 5:18:07
4 Tito Ortiz 5:00:53
5 Michael Bisping 4:55:04
6 Gleison Tibau 4:51:15
7 Randy Couture 4:41:50
8 Diego Sanchez 4:37:57
9 Clay Guida 4:30:32
10 Jeremy Stephens 4:16:53

Frankie Edgar is miles ahead of the competition in this category, having seen the judge’s scorecards 12 times since joining the UFC in 2007, with seven of those decisions coming in five round fights.

With most of the top five now out of action, Edgar’s closest match is British slugger Michael Bisping.


Anderson Silva ufc stats vs Forrest Griffin UFC 101 KO

Knockdowns Landed

1 Anderson Silva 17
2 Chuck Liddell 14
3 Melvin Guillard 13
3 Lyoto Machida 13
5 Junior Dos Santos 12
6 Thiago Alves 11
6 Anthony Johnson 11
8 Andrei Arlovski 10
8 Rich Franklin 10
8 Jeremy Stephens 10
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Former UFC middleweight champion and world class striker Anderson Silva tops the list, and is pretty free and clear of the rest of the pack.

With Chuck Liddell and Melvin Guillard no longer active in the UFC, and ‘The Spider‘ expecting a 2016 return, it’s a safe bet to assume he’ll remain atop the list for some time to come.

So how about significant strikes landed?

michael bisping ufc stats

Significant Strikes Landed

1 Michael Bisping 1285
2 Georges St-Pierre 1254
3 Frankie Edgar 1174
4 Sam Stout 993
5 Jon Jones 916
6 Evan Dunham 889
7 BJ Penn 871
8 Rich Franklin 856
9 Rick Story 826
10 Donald Cerrone 820

There has long been a dispute over what a significant strike actually is, but Michael Bisping tops the list regardless. The English UFC middleweight outguns formidable foes in GSP and ‘The Answer’, with his high pace/volume gameplan.

Aside from Edgar, don’t expect anyone to catch up with ‘The Count’ any time soon.


alistair overeem ufc stats

Highest Significant Strike Accuracy (min. 5 fights and 350 attempted strikes)

1 Alistair Overeem 74.5%
2 Trevor Smith 63.7%
3 Anderson Silva 63.2%
4 Fabio Maldonado 59.4%
5 Ben Saunders 59.1%
6 Evan Tanner 59.0%
7 Cheick Kongo 58.2%
8 Randy Couture 58.0%
9 Jimy Hettes 57.3%
10 Cain Velasquez 57.2%

Dutch kickboxing ace Alistair Overeem tops the list with a whopping 74.5% connect rate in sig. strikes, attained during his seven-fight/four-year UFC career.

”The Reem’ pips notable striker Anderson Silva and Jiu Jitsu fighter Trevor Smith to the post, making ‘The Demolition Man’ the most clinical stand up fighter today.

Let’s talk volume…..

cain velasquez ufc stats

SLpM-Significant Strikes Landed Per Minute (Min. 5 fights)

1 Cain Velasquez 6.32
2 Jessica Andrade 5.91
3 TJ Dillashaw 5.81
4 Fabio Maldonado 5.74
5 Nikita Krylov 5.65
6 Max Holloway 5.64
7 Court McGee 5.62
8 Todd Duffee 5.56
9 Jared Hamman 5.52
10 Conor McGregor 5.44

Former UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez’s agressive boxing and ground ‘n’ pound sees him top the list in terms of SLpM, accumulated over a 13-fight/seven-year UFC run.

UFC women’s bantamweight contender Jessica Andrade earns a very respectable second place on the list, with Conor McGregor holding up the top 10, which has very little between most entrants.

So who is up on the striking stakes?

aka cain velasquez ufc stats

Striking Differential (Min. 5 fights)

1 Cain Velasquez 3.92
2 Alistair Overeem 3.47
3 Todd Duffee 3.20
4 TJ Dillashaw 3.18
5 Nikita Krylov 2.82
6 Johnny Bedford 2.78
7 Cyrille Diabate 2.66
8 Patrick Cummins 2.61
9 Conor McGregor 2.43
10 Georges St-Pierre 2.39

In terms of hitting and not getting hit, it’s once again the Mexican former heavyweight boss Velasuez with the top spot. ‘CV’ started life as a wrestler in the world of sports, but has clearly evolved in to a very complete martial artist.

Alistair Overeem and Todd Duffee rack up good totals, and note that Conor McGregor has surpassed former welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre at the bottom end of the scale.

So how about defense?

ufc stats

Significant Strike Defense (min. 5 fights and 350 attempted strikes)

1 Jon Madsen 81.4%
2 Georges St-Pierre 73.0%
3 John Makdessi 72.7%
4 Phil Davis 72.3%
5 Ryan Bader 71.9%
6 Myles Jury 71.7%
7 Frankie Edgar 71.2%
8 Raphael Assuncao 71.0%
8 Justin Salas 71.0%
10 Tony Ferguson 70.5%

Former UFC heavyweight and TUF (The Ultimate Fighter) veteran Jon Madsen fought five times with a 4-1 tally before being mysteriously cut by the UFC.

During that time, Madsen compiled an impressive 81.4% sig. strike defense rate, making him harder to hit than Georges St-Pierre, Phil Davis and Ryan Bader to name a few from the top 10.

Surely ‘Rush’ is going to top one of the striking lists….

georges st. pierre ufc stats

Total Strikes Landed

1 Georges St-Pierre 2523
2 Jon Fitch 2185
3 Chris Leben 1791
4 Frankie Edgar 1777
5 BJ Penn 1736
6 Michael Bisping 1616
6 Nick Diaz 1616
8 Chris Lytle 1533
9 Dennis Siver 1474
10 Chael Sonnen 1467

Former 170-pound kingpin and consensus GOAT GSP finally tops a list, as the most strikes landed overall. At over 2,500, ‘Rush’ proves that you don’t have to be a pure striker to get a high volume.

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Jon Fitch and Frankie Edgar are miles behind ‘Rush’, so it’s not likely the former champion will be dislodged in the near future.

Takedown time!

georges st-pierre ufc stats

Takedowns Landed

1 Georges St-Pierre 87
2 Gleison Tibau 82
3 Frankie Edgar 61
4 Clay Guida 60
5 Jon Fitch 58
6 Demetrious Johnson 55
7 Johny Hendricks 54
8 Karo Parisyan 53
9 Nik Lentz 51
10 Rashad Evans 50

Another victory for the Canadian legend, as he scores the most sacks in UFC history with 87. Veteran UFC lightweight Glieson Tibau is hot on the heels of the former champ though.

Frankie Edgar and Clay Guida are still n the mix, but they have a ways to go yet.

So, takedown defense?

renan barao ufc stats

Takedown Defense (Min. 5 fights and 20 TD attempts by opponents)

1 Renan Barao 100.0%
2 Tyron Woodley 95.0%
3 Jon Jones 94.6%
3 Eddie Wineland 94.6%
5 Dennis Bermudez 92.9%
6 Gleison Tibau 92.1%
7 Robert Whittaker 91.7%
8 Ian McCall 90.0%
9 Matthew Riddle 89.3%
10 John Dodson 88.9%

Former UFC bantamweight champ Renan Barao remains perfect in terms of takedown defense, having 100%. ‘Baron’s’ huge size advantage and subsequent boost in strength plays a huge factor in his lofty placement.

Close behind are welterweight slugger Tyron Woodley, and former UFC light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones. No one on the current list will ever be able to match that tally, the question is how long will the Brazilian remain there?


ufc 181 highlights robbie lawler ufc stats

Takedown accuracy (min. 5 fights and 20 TD attempted)

1 Robbie Lawler 80.0%
2 Georges St-Pierre 73.7%
3 Iuri Alcantara 70.0%
3 Jonathan Goulet 70.0%
5 Diego Brandao 68.2%
6 Melvin Guillard 66.7%
6 Renato Sobral 66.7%
8 Justin Scoggins 65.4%
9 Rich Franklin 63.6%
9 Lyoto Machida 63.6%

Although nowhere near the volume of GSP, current welterweight champion Robbie Lawler is ahead of the pack by a long shot with his surgical 80% takedown success rate.

Even the calculatin ‘Dragon’ Lyoto Machida only sacks 63.6%, with ‘Ruthless’ ahead of the retired St-Pierre by nearly 7%, expect Lawler to remain number one for some time to come.


jim miller ufc stats

Submission Attempts

1 Jim Miller 34
2 Chris Lytle 31
3 Joe Lauzon 26
4 Joe Stevenson 24
5 Matt Brown 23
5 Nate Diaz 23
5 Hermes Franca 23
5 Cole Miller 23
5 Georges St-Pierre 23
10 Martin Kampmann 21

Veteran UFC lightweight Jim Miller has made the most ever submission attempts, leading to six wins by tap, nap or snap during a 20-fight/seven-year UFC career.

His most notable victory by submission was arguably his technical guillotine win over Yancy Medeiros, or his rear naked choke against Melvin Guillard. His closest competition is the currently active Joe Lauzon, so he shouldn’t get comfy at the top.

Subs per three-round fight….

paul sass ufc stats

Submission Average per 15 minute fight (Min. 5 fights)

1 Paul Sass 7.4
2 John Albert 6.1
3 TJ Waldburger 4.8
4 Ronda Rousey 4.2
5 Dustin Hazelett 4.1
6 Luke Rockhold 3.6
7 Shannon Gugerty 3.4
8 Tim Credeur 3.3
9 Jason High 3.3
10 Dave Menne 3.3

British UFC veteran Paul Sass, nickname ‘Sassangle’, scored three straight first round submission wins to rack up this nearly unbeatable tally, before getting cut after two straight losses in 2012/13.

Sass would go on to fight once more as a pro, a submission win at Bellator 104 in 2013, and has not competed since.

Most consecutive wins….

anderson silva ufc stats

Consecutive wins

Fighter Streak Timeframe
Anderson Silva 16 2006-2012
Jon Jones 12 2010-2015 (active)
Georges St. Pierre 12 2007-2013 (active)
Royce Gracie 11 1993-1994
Chris Weidman 9 2011-2015 (active)
Junior dos Santos 9 2008-2012
Donald Cerrone 8 2013-2015 (active)
Demetrious Johnson 8 2012-2015 (active)
Gray Maynard 8 2007-2010
Lyoto Machida 8 2007-2009
Jon Fitch 8 2005-2008
Chuck Liddell 7, 7 2004-2006, 1999-2002
Jose Aldo 7 2011-2014 (active)
Raphael Assuncao 7 2011-2014 (active)
Neil Magny 7 2014-2015
Renan Barao 7 2011-2014
Matt Brown 7 2012-2014
Dennis Bermudez 7 2012-2014
Ben Henderson 7 2011-2013
Jim Miller 7 2009-2011
George Sotiropoulos 7 2007-2010
Cain Velasquez 7 2008-2010
Thiago Alves 7 2006-2008
^ Rich Franklin 7 2003-2006
^ Randy Couture 7 1997-2001
^ Pat Miletich 7 1998-2000
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There’s a serious chance the former P4P topper Anderson Silva will never be dislodged from his record-holding spot with 16 wins, as his form was simply incredible during his unbeaten spree.

Chris Weidman has a good shot at the record if he can stay on track, aside from him, unless Jon Jones comes back, ‘The Spider’ doesn’t really have any serious active threats right now.


GSP UFC stats

Most Wins

Fighter W L D
Georges St. Pierre 19 2
Matt Hughes 18 7
Michael Bisping 17 7
Anderson Silva 16 2
Chuck Liddell 16 7
Randy Couture 16 8
Gleison Tibau 16 9
Frank Mir 16 9
Jon Jones 15 1
Donald Cerrone 15 3
Demian Maia 15 6
Josh Koscheck 15 10
Tito Ortiz 15 11 1
Rashad Evans 14 3 1
Jon Fitch 14 3 1
Jim Miller 14 5
Rich Franklin 14 6
Diego Sanchez 14 7
Lyoto Machida 14 7
Andrei Arlovski 13 4
Frankie Edgar 13 4 1
Yushin Okami 13 5
Rafael dos Anjos 13 5
Vitor Belfort 13 7
Matt Brown 13 7
Thiago Alves 13 7

‘Rush’ remains atop the list of most wins, but could easily get moved down in the next few years with many of the list remaining active and well within their shelf life.

Talking of longevity….

tito ortiz ufc stats

Most UFC Bouts

Fighter Bouts Record (W-L-D)
Tito Ortiz 27 15-11-1
Matt Hughes 25 18-7-0
Frank Mir 25 16-9-0
Gleison Tibau 25 16-9-0
Josh Koscheck 25 15-10-0
Michael Bisping 24 17-7-0
Randy Couture 24 16-8-0
Chuck Liddell 23 16-7-0
B.J. Penn 23 12-9-2
Melvin Guillard 22 12-9-0, 1 NC
Chris Leben 22 12-10-0
Georges St. Pierre 21 19-2-0

Former UFC light-heavyweight champion and controversial figure Tito Ortiz may not have the best reputation with his former employers, but he certainly spent his time well during the 15 years the ‘Huntington Beach Bad Boy’ was under the Zuffa banner.

That said, Michael Bisping, Glieson Tibau and Frank Mir could all realistically top Ortiz’s record.

Title wins…..

georges st-pierre ufc mma goat

Most Wins in UFC Title Fights

Fighter W L D
Georges St. Pierre 12 2
Anderson Silva 11 2
Jon Jones 9
Matt Hughes 9 3
Randy Couture 9 6
Jose Aldo 7
Demetrious Johnson 7 1
Ronda Rousey 7
Tito Ortiz 6 3
Frank Shamrock 5

Another top spot for ‘Rush’, won’t be broken for a long time either, so on to title defense streaks…..

UFC anderson Silva records UFC stats

Most Consecutive UFC Title Defenses

Fighter Streak Timeframe
Anderson Silva 10 2007-2012
Georges St. Pierre 9 2008-2013 (relinquished title)
Jon Jones 8  2011-2015 (relinquished title)
Jose Aldo * 7 2011-2014 (active)
Ronda Rousey + 7 2013-2015 (active)
Demetrious Johnson 6 2012-2015 (active)
Matt Hughes 5, 2 2002-2003, 2005-2006
Tito Ortiz 5 2000-2002
Pat Miletich 4 1999-2000
Frank Shamrock 4 1998-1999

Records reflect UFC title bouts only. Tournament wins and Superfight titles are not included.

All fighters with 2 or more consecutive title defenses in the UFC are included.

* WEC featherweight champion Jose Aldo and WEC bantamweight champion Dominic Cruz were awarded UFC championship titles as a part of the WEC/UFC merger, technically marking their first UFC bouts as title defences.

+ StrikeForce women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey was awarded the UFC championship title as a part of the StrikeForce/UFC merger, technically marking her first UFC bout as a title defence.

And the most title fights?

randy couture ufc statsMost UFC Title Bouts

Fighter Title Bouts Record (W-L-D)
Randy Couture 15 9-6-0
Georges St. Pierre 14 12-2-0
Anderson Silva 13 11-2-0
Matt Hughes 12 9-3-0
B.J. Penn 11 5-5-1
Jon Jones 9 9-0-0
Tito Ortiz 9 6-3-0
Tim Sylvia 9 5-4-0
Demetrious Johnson 8 7-1-0
Jose Aldo 7 7-0-0

UFC hall of famer, former light-heavyweight and heavyweight five-time champion Randy Couture is light years ahead of the rest, and will likely never be dethroned.

That’s a wrap folks, thanks for reading!

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