Top 10 Teams In MMA Right Now

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MMA: UFC 178-Cruz vs Mizugaki

Honorable Mention

Alliance MMA

Location: San Diego, California

Notable Fighters: Dominick Cruz, Alexander Gustafsson, Myles Jury, Phil Davis, Michael Chandler

Slated in sunny San Diego, Alliance MMA, headed by Coach Eric Delfiero, is a very well-rounded camp that has potential to be higher up on this list, but falls out of my top 10 for multiple reasons.

With their heavy hitter Dominick Cruz losing the bantamweight title to not an opponent but himself due to a plethora of injuries, Alexander Gustafsson not training solely at Alliance, and Phil Davis hitting some rough times that have forced him out of the UFC into Bellator, it’s hard to rank this team any higher.

However, if Cruz can get healthy and prove he’s still the best 135-pounder in the world, Alliance could regain a UFC champion. The team also has a chance to capture Bellator gold with Davis as well as former Bellator champion Michael Chandler.

Like I said, Alliance is very well-rounded camp with an extreme amount of potential, but they remain as an honorable mention for now.

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