The Best MMA and UFC Knockouts of All Time

Aldo McGregor

Over the last few years, martial arts have elevated into an elite sport and quickly emerged as the fastest growing sport. MMA offers electronic entertainment, and that explains the sport’s popularity.

Among the most popular parts of martial arts are knockouts. The knockout is one of the most popular fan-favorite things about MMA.

The sport is a blend of perfect timing and sheer physical force with surprise, awe, and shock of taking a face strike. Here are some of the best knockouts of MMA and UFC of all times:

Conor McGregor vs. Jose Aldo

Conor McGregor is one of the biggest names in the UFC. His 2015 battle with Jose Aldo is one of the biggest historical moments. After deflecting McGregor’s kick, Jose Aldo lunged in and tried to get the position. However, McGregor connected with a super-fast cross, sending Aldo to the ground with his left hand. The match lasted 13 seconds and was recorded as the fastest UFC win.

Chuck Liddell vs. Randy Couture

Chuck Liddell took down Randy Couture with a single blow in UFC 52. UFC 52 was one of the most anticipated events in MMA history since they had a previous match where Randy defeated Chuck by a knockout.

In this match, Liddell took his revenge. After the match’s time-out, Randy accused Chuck of poking him in the eye. This made him aggressive, and this triggered Liddell to defend himself. After landing a few blows, Chuck snuck a well-placed jab on the right side of Randy’s chin knocking him out. He took the UFC Heavyweight title. 

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Dan Henderson vs. Michael Bisping

Before UFC 100, Michael Bisping had badmouthed Dan Henderson for a while. Dan didn’t respond; instead, he let his blows speak for him. At the time, Michael Bisping was eight years younger than Dan Henderson. 

However, Dan landed an aggressive blow that landed Bisping on the ground. The blow reminded viewers of Mortal Kombat knockouts as Dan lay a finishing move on Michael. However, Michael was already knocked out even before the blow landed.

Buckley Super Kick versus Kasanganay

Joaquin Buckley broke the internet in October 2020 with his awesome back kick knockout of Impa Kasanganay. It was a UFC fight night of Moraes Vs. Sandhagen.

Kasanganay blocked the right kick by Buckley during the second match and uncorked a back kick that knocked out Buckley. This move earned Buckley an extra $50k and also received the knockout of the year honors of 2020.

Holly Holm versus Ronda Rousey

Among the most surprising matches of UFC 193 was between Holly Holm and Ronda Ramsey. Being the most anticipated fight of the year, the match was quite unpredictable. Holly Holm was a boxing specialist and taller, rangier than Ronda Rousey.

Holly beat Ronda Rousey’s greatest advantage; her judo skills. She kept Ronda on her feet, driving her to use fists only. Holy used a few punishing boxing combinations that left her opponent confused and bleeding.

Holly rounded off the match with an aggressive kick to the head, sending Ronda to the ground. Holy won the bantamweight title leaving Ronda with a broken, bloody face. This was also Ronda’s first loss of her career.

Amanda Nuns vs. Cris Cyborg Justino

Before UFC 232, most fans had agreed that Cris Cyborg Justino was the undefeated fighter in women’s MMA history. She boasted seventeen knockouts and 20 consecutive wins. Many fans expected her to win when she entered the Octagon to fight for her featherweight title against Amanda Nunes.

However, it was a huge surprise when Amanda Nunes won. She beat Cris at her own game. This was a major change in women’s MMA. Cris was no longer the unrivaled champion. Amanda won two gold UFC emblazoned belts for her victory.

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Anderson Silva vs. Vitor Belfort

During UFC 126, there was a monumental clash as fans got what they had long anticipated. There was finally an equal opponent for Anderson Silva when it came to striking.

Silva had boasted killer strikers before, but Belfort was a striker that put some doubt into the fans. A few seconds after the fight started, Anderson Silva served up a front kick that put his name on a highlight reel for a long time.

Anderson, then a long-time middleweight champion, won the UFC fight with a skill rarely used successfully in boxing. He won against Belfort, a man thought to be as savvy a striker as his opponent. Silva went from being a top fighter champion to an MMA legend from the match.

Chuck Liddell vs. Tito Ortiz

UFC 47 had a lengthy lead to this match. The two rivals had gone back and forth for a year before fighting for the light heavyweight title.

Liddell took control in the first minutes of the second round. He backed Tito Ortiz into the cage and unleashed a furious array of blows on his rival’s head. Tito tried to cover up, but the uppercuts, jabs, and punches were too much to handle.

Daniel Cormier vs. Stipe Miocic

Until UFC 226, Daniel Cormier had nine-fight knockouts. However, only two of these nine knockouts were scored in UFC. So, if anyone would have told you that Stipe Miocic, an all-time favorite in the UFC knockout championship, you would not have expected it.

However, Daniel Cormier made history as the second man to win light heavyweight and heavyweight titles. He was the first to hold both titles simultaneously and the second champion to hold two belts simultaneously in UFC history. The best part is that he won the title over a champion universally known as the best heavyweight champion of all time.

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Phil Baroni vs. Dave Menne

During UFC 39, Baroni, New York’s champion, handled his opponent in a swift move. Within the first 18 seconds of the match, Phil Baroni furiously closed in on Dave Menne with a punch on the head. This forced him into the cage, and Phil Baroni landed five more blows on his opponent’s head within seconds. This made Phil Baroni the winner, and a memorable celebration was made for his success.

Francis Ngannou vs. Alistar Overeem

Alistar Overeem had not been new to being knocked out before UFC 218. He had knockouts four times in the Octagon before the match, and one of his losses was very memorable.

However, with Francis Ngannou, many fans got chills of fear down their spines. Francis unleashed an uppercut that had a Mjolnir might. Regardless of the number of times you watch it, you’d still be amazed at how his head stayed attached to the body after a strike.

Before becoming the UFC heavyweight champion, Francis Ngannou had numerous knockouts to remember before becoming the UFC heavyweight champion, but none was this scary.

Quinton Jackson vs. Chuck Liddell

Quinton Jackson had won four years earlier, but fans were worried if he could do it again. He had a battle against the light heavyweight champions of all time.

Chuck Liddell had won seven straight matches since his first loss to Quinton Jackson in 2003. In his winning spree, he had four title defenses. However, Quinton came in with a 26-6 overall record and knocked out Liddell within a minute of the first round.


Everybody loves a good knockout, and MMA always provides decentralized sports betting fans with good ones. The most popular thing about a knockout is that it can turn a match around within seconds. One punch can change everything, and the champions in this list did just that.