Top 10 Craziest MMA Brawls Before & After Fights

Diaz brothers mma brawl kj noons

8. KJ Noons vs. Diaz Brothers

Inaugural EliteXC lightweight champion KJ Noons had just finished Yves Edwards in the first defense of his title back in 2008. His next opponent Nick Diaz, who had already fought and lost to Noons in 2007, entered the cage to challenge the champ. With Bill Goldberg (seriously?) conducting the post-fight interview, things couldn’t have got any weirder or funnier, and then they did.

Diaz calls out Noons with the now-classic line ‘Don’t be scared homie’, to which Goldberg in a confusing statement says ‘We don’t know if that’s true’, and then all hell breaks loose. Diaz goes for Noons and they engage in a crazy brawl, as scripted as it probably was it was still incredibly fun to watch.

Watch the video below as the Diaz brothers leave the cage throwing up gang signs, and get ready to see more of their antics in this very list….