10 MMA Stars Who’ll Fight Anyone At Anytime


UFC president Dana White is often quoted as saying that “fighting is in our DNA,” but even within the sport of mixed martial arts, there’s no doubt that some competitors stand out more than others as having been put on this planet specifically to do just that.

What sets these stars apart from their peers is their willingness to fight anyone at any time, regardless of their opponent’s size, skill level and reputation.

These are the fighters that are willing step up to take fights on short notice, that barely bat an eyelid at a late change in opponent, that will fight more frequently than their counterparts, and will continue to compete long after others have found their breaking point.

In this article we’ll celebrate 10 such stars, focusing in on fighters that are still actively putting it all on the line in the present day, not just because they want to, but because they need to. It’s who they are. It’s in their DNA.

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  • michaelchimique

    why is conor on this list? fight anyone at anytime? he’s avoided frankie his entire career in UFC. he’s never even defended the belt.

    • anz

      Agreed and also why Nate Diaz? He pulled out of his fight with Matt Brown because he didn’t want to and he refused to fight anyone but Conor at UFC 200. Also he takes like a year off between fights. I’d hardly call that anytime.

    • Joey

      Avoided frankie! Frankie shit he couldn’t compete with a retard nevermind Conor , bad example dude

  • Bill Wolf

    That’s a fairly good list.

    Kazushi Sakuraba had to be on it, otherwise it was meaningless. I would have put him at the top.

    Conor McGregor belongs on the list because he wanted to fight Rafael dos Anjos. That might not have been a clever decision, but it was a bold decision.

  • Westport Pacman

    ummn chuck liddell

  • Bill Solus

    cannot believe Benson Henderson did not make this list is Sakuraba on here as the token non UFC guy or what.