Video – Floyd Mayweather gets into heated argument with Devin Haney’s dad: ‘Is your fighter undefeated under the lights?’

Floyd Mayweather roasts Bill Haney in argument is your son unbeaten under the lights

Floyd Mayweather and Bill Haney, the father of Devin Haney got into a heated argument following his son’s loss to Ryan Garcia over the weekend.

Mayweather and Haney were on an Instagram Live, and the undefeated boxer took shots at Haney for his son’s los to Garcia.

Floyd Mayweather roasts Bill Haney

 “I reached out to you to let you know that I don’t have nothing against you, when did you and me go wrong? When did you and me start having beef? Last time I seen you in Miami, we kicked it and had a good time. Now all of a sudden it seems like Bill Haney is my enemy,” Floyd Mayweather said (via Mirror).

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Haney quickly fired back at Mayweather after his comments:

“I feel like you’re bull**** based on your actions about everybody that’s been in the town that’s been down with you,” Bill told Mayweather. They doing dirtball bad, ain’t nobody doing real good f****ing with you. You told me about what you’d do with Tank, you seen what I did with my son? When you went to go talk and do the deal, it wasn’t something he felt like he wanted to do. He wanted to be a boss so the deal didn’t happen.”

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Mandatory Credit: Al Bello

The two continued their exchange, as Floyd Mayweather criticized Bill for Haney no longer being undefeated:

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“Congratulations on you having an undefeated fighter in the gym, but I am undefeated under the lights. Is your fighter undefeated under the lights? “Bill, I don’t have to have a p***ing contest with you,” Mayweather said.

Haney, meanwhile, was adamant his son would rebound from the loss, and Floyd Mayweather then told him to phone him directly.

Floyd Mayweather

“You know what time it is with me when I see you. The Haney business will be continuing, have I ever needed your help with anything? My son needs me, tomorrow today and every day. We don’t need you for dog s***,” Bill responded.

Devin Haney interested in rematch with Ryan Garcia

Devin Haney suffered a stunning upset loss to Ryan Garcia on Saturday, as he was a sizeable betting favorite.

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Ryan Garcia knocks down Devin Haney three times, scores majority decision win - Haney vs. Garcia Highlights

It was a surprise loss from Haney, who was dropped multiple times and after the defeat, he is calling for a rematch with Garcia.

Although Haney is calling for a rematch, Garcia will likely not fight at 140lbs anymore, so if the rematch happens, it would have to be up a weight class.