Top 10 UFC & MMA Fails

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anderson silva ufc 162 fail

1. Anderson Silva at UFC 162

Not only was UFC 162′ main event result one of the most shocking moments of all time, it was elevated in notoriety by the absolute disregard that Anderson Silva had for Chris Weidman’s striking. You may ask why this earth-shaking KO is topping this list of epic MMA fails, well, it’s as simple as this; look at how much was at stake that night, and then weigh that against how ‘The Spider’ acted on fight night.

Let’s not take anything away from ‘The All-American’, he did his job exactly how he was supposed to, keep calm while Silva clowns away and look for that one opening to capitalize on. The undisputed UFC middleweight championship that the Brazilian boss had held for years was the reward, his legacy as one of the greatest fighters of all time, and millions of fans worldwide watching all played a massive role in this monumental faceplant.

‘The Spider’ got caught acting the fool, and paid the ultimate price for it; a stunning left hook connected to the jaw just seconds after Silva had given the age-old ‘wobbly leg’ taunt, only this time Silva’s legs really did give out. As his eyes rolled in the back of his unconscious skull, and Weidman bounced his nugget off the canvas, the MMA world wondered how Silva would ever bounce back from this shameful and humiliating loss. Truth be told, he never really did.

The second fight with Weidman landed Silva at the top of another list you never want to be included in, and he went on to fail a UFC 183 post-fight drug test after defeating Nick Diaz.

Check out the video of the shocking finish at UFC 162, and accept our thanks for checking out the Top 10 UFC & MMA fails list!


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