Aldo McGregor 12. Jose Aldo vs. Conor McGregor – UFC 194

The match that everybody in the MMA world was waiting for finally went down in the main event of UFC 194 in December of last year.

UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo, who was undefeated for over a decade at the time, would collide with his hated rival and UFC interim 145-pound champ Conor McGregor to settle the two men’s differences once and for all.

McGregor and Aldo had previously traveled to world together to promote their originally slated matchup that was supposed to go down at UFC 189, but Aldo was forced to pull out of the contest just two weeks out with an injury he sustained in training camp.

The match was re-booked for UFC 194 and both men showed up ready to go.

After nearly a year of anticipation, the match everybody wanted to see had begun at Big John McCarthy’s signal, and it was over just 13-seconds later. All the trash-talk from McGregor over the past few months had gotten Aldo so rilled up that he came into the fight with so much emotion, and McGregor was able to catch the Brazilian on the perfect spot on the chin and deliver a devastating knockout.

Even McGregor himself looked surprised that the fight ended so quickly, but nonetheless he happily left the arena as the new undisputed featherweight champion.