12 Best UFC Fighters To Never Win A UFC Title

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Throughout the nearly 23-year history of the UFC, there’s been an elite group of champions that truly define both their weight class and era with unique and transcendent skills. Names like Anderson Silva, Georges St. Pierre, Jon Jones, Randy Couture, and Matt Hughes have all made their mark upon MMA as one of the greatest champions of all-time.

However, there is also another group of fighters who, while no doubt world-class and among the best of their respective eras, simply could not rise above the truly game-breaking champions above them to win the belt. Some of them were ousted by the legends of the fight game, and others never got the title shot.

Regardless, these fighters will go down as solid and effective in their own right, but just not good enough to be called UFC champion (at least not yet for some). Let’s take a look at the best fighters to never win a UFC championship.