Chris Weidman Teases A Possible Comeback: ‘I’m Coming Back Baby’

Chris Weidman

Chris Weidman is past the road of recovery and now is now traveling uphill to get back into the octagon.

It has been a year since Weidman’s gruesome broken leg against Uriah Hall at UFC 261 and he is now testing the leg by throwing a few kicks.

Watch Chris Weidman bouncing and getting back to training in Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson’s vlog:

The former champion Weidman has said multiple times that he plans on fighting once again in the octagon. Weidman’s broken leg situation is a very ironic and weird coincidence. Many years ago, Anderson Silva broke his leg in a fight with Chris Weidman. Silva never fully got back to how dominant he was after the broken leg.

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Silva then went on to Fight Uriah Hall and ultimately loss to him, the fight before Hall was slated to fight Weidman. The very next fight Weidman broke his leg in one of the most gruesome injury in UFC history. Hall’s check on the kick caused Weidman’s leg to snap and he didn’t realize until he took a step backwards.

Chris Weidman is now 37 years old and still trying to make his way back into the octagon

Weidman started his career undefeated after 13 bouts. Since his championship title defeat to Luke Rockhold, Weidman has lost two of eight fights. This included a failed attempt of moving up into the light heavyweight division, where his chin didn’t hold up too well unfortunately.

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It is an amazing comeback for Weidman and nothing short of a miracle. No one can take away his fighting spirit as he prepares for a miraculous comeback this year. This comeback has included a couple setbacks that required surgeries as well. Even with the setbacks, he had said that he was shooting to fight around early June of this year.

Do you think Chris Weidman will end up fighting this year?