Check Out The Funniest UFC Video Game Glitches Ever

Joe Rogan Impersonator Commentates Over The Weirdest Glitches In EAs UFC Game Video

Video gaming glitches have been the subject of much humour for years now, but perhaps gaming giants ‘EA Sports’ (it’s in the game) have provided the craziest and funniest glitches yet. With games like FIFA and EA Fight Night doing the rounds on the webs, it’s easy to overlook the UFC’s entry in to the world of virtual gaming.

It’s not often we talk video games on LowKick, but the EA UFC glitches have made it a reality. Some of the most well known athletes and champions are made to look just plain strange when their virtual characters start defying the laws of physics and bending weird and hilarious ways.

All the way from ‘UFC Undisputed 2009’ to the modern and more refined ‘EA UFC’, there have been some ridiculously funny bloopers along the way.

Check out the Most Hilarious UFC Video Game Glitches Ever, and see the Tommy Toe Hold versions on the final page!

alexander gustafsson

Gustafsson with the rear naked…wait, what?

How better to emphasise the level of ridiculousness in a video game glitch than with the reaction of the gamer involved?

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This guy goes nuts when Alexander Gustafsson attempts the super-rare butt to back inverted crucifix guard, and rightly so.

Enjoy the video, and get going to the next page….


The Riverdance

Two a created fighters named Bailey Harris dance to the tune of their own beat here, in a ridiculous clip that needs no more introduction.

Check it out, and join us on the next page….

ufc gifs

Chuck and Shogun take a flight

How funny is this one? Very. Former UFC light-heavyweight champions Chuck Liddell and Shogun Rua take each other on at UFC Undisputed 2009 in this clip.

The crazy flying of ‘The Iceman’ is only matched in stupidity and hilarity by Rua’s odd blend of Yoga and Yoda.

Check out the clip, and get going to the next page….


Fabricio Werdum is a ghost

It’s not often that UFC heavyweight champion Fabricio Werdum floats in the air against his opponents, but remember that time he did it against Roy Nelson? No, nor do we.

This bizarre glitch was captured on the PS4 edition of the latest EA UFC game, and makes ‘Vai Cavalo’ look more like the ghost of a violent ballet dancer.

Observe, and then click on for more virtual stupidity….

anderson silva ufc 162 meme

Anderson Silva UFC Undisputed 2010

The second instalment of the modern UFC video game series was a bust, it failed on all platforms, and glitches were more commonplace than anything else.

Check out this side-splitting funny Anderson Silva glitch, and keep going as they keep getting funnier….


Cormier knocks himself out

It’s so annoying when UFC fights end because one fighter spontaneously goes down out cold without even being hit, oh yeah, that doesn’t really happen.

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The latest version of the UFC video game saga is not glitch free, go to the 1:25 mark for the ‘finish’….

jose aldo ufc stats

Aldo does a 1080 against himself

The fact you can pit a fighter against himself on the video game is funny enough, but when you see how Jose Aldo tries to finish himself off you’ll see why the video made the list.

Check out Aldo’s attempt at a 1080 spin while fighting himself, starting at the 20-seconnd mark….

wanderlei silva mma fail

Wanderlei Silva; Yoga Master

UFC Undisputed 3 provided the platform to turn back time and fight under the Pride organization in Japan, but the game also gave us a glimpse in to the hobbies of Wanderlei Silva.

The Pride legend apparently is a keen Yoga practitioner, as is apparent by his incredible display of flexibility below….


Roy Nelson vs. Mark Hunt

Another funny from EA UFC, this time featuring jolly knockout artists Mark Hunt and Roy Nelson. Who knows why this happened, but it did.

Their intertwining limbs provide confusions and funnies, click over to see Jon Jones‘ placement….

MMA: UFC 165-Jones vs Gustafsson

Jones Rotations

Not quite sure what you’d call this one, maybe impossible? In a re-enactment of the classic match from UFC 165, Alexander Gustafsson does what no-one else could do before, spin Jon Jones around like a ragdoll and throw him 20 feet.

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Rage Quit!

This short clip is accompanied by the commentary of a very frustrated gamer, as he tries to explain what’s happening during this odd glitch.

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Lesson learned; Keep calm and rage quit….

cat zingano

What a Scramble!

Cat Zingano and Alexis Davis appear in the EA UFC game, and their abilities are perhaps a little more paranormal than in reality.

After a magical no armed takedown, is there anything these girls can’t do?

Check it out, and keep going….


Clich game level 5000

If there’s one thing that Irish UFC interim featherweight champion Conor McGregor is known for, it’s his ability to fight from the clinch with two broken ankles while occasionally levitating.

Of course it’s not, but it’s par for the course in the EA UFC game apparently.

Check out the weirdness, and get to the next page already…

BJ Penn

Penn in another crazy fight

No, not his legendary face-off with a promotional banner, this time former two-weight UFC champion and MMA legend is taking on Hector Lombard in EA UFC.

The strange fight takes place half in and outside the octagon, with some very strange techniques.

”’The Prodigy’ was criticised for his striking style in his final fight with Frankie Edgar, but this is just plain stupid, the P4P top glitch is after BJ Penn….


Ronda Rousey’s P4P glitch

Ronda Rousey really is the most dominant athlete today, and that’s probably why the UFC decided to have her as a superhuman, invisible and physics-defying demon in the latest EA game.

Check out her uncanny moves below, and go to the final page for the Tommy Toe Hold version of the funniest UFC glitches, commentated by Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg…

chuck liddell ufc

Thanks for reading, here’s the brilliant Tommy Toe Hold glitches compilation: