Octagon Legend Georges St-Pierre Shuts Down Rumors of His MMA Return at UFC 300: ‘I am not coming back!’

Georges St-Pierre

If you were hoping to see Octagon legend Georges St-Pierre make his long-awaited return at UFC 300, we’re afraid we’ve got some bad news.

Originally rumored to compete against Nick Diaz at a UFC Fight Pass Invitational event this month, GSP was pulled from the submission grappling showcase due to a reported injury. Enter former three-title UFC title challenger Chael Sonnen who suggested that “meaningful people” were talking about re-booking the bout between St-Pierre and Diaz in the cage rather than on the mat.

“You got to 300 a certain way,” Sonnen said on his YouTube channel. “Did you do that by bringing guys in on a one-off? I mean the St-Pierre versus Diaz, does that draw? sure. Why didn’t it happen at 199 or 201? Or 299 or 301? Why wouldn’t it happen there, if that is what got us to 300, why would we not continue to follow the principles and policies that got us here?

“I mean, I’m just asking because I’m hearing from some pretty good people, from some pretty meaningful people, a level of silliness within these fights.”

It wouldn’t be the first time the UFC pulled a legendary fighter out of mothballs for a milestone event. UFC 200 saw the return of former heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar. Perhaps there was some truth to what Sonnen was spitting.

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Okay, maybe not.

Recently, St-Pierre poured cold water over the rumors of his epic comeback, making it abundantly clear that it’s not going to happen.

“I haven’t stepped foot in the UFC octagon in a very long time,” GSP wrote on X. “And no, I am not coming back!”

St-Pierre Says there is ‘No Chance’ he’s coming back

In case that wasn’t clear enough, St-Pierre responded to a fan directly on social media, letting him know that there is “No chance!” that he’ll be returning at UFC 300, or any other event for that matter when it comes to MMA.

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Are you disappointed to find out that the former welterweight and middleweight world champ won’t be making his return in 2024?