Seven Biggest Takeaways From UFC on FOX 30

Photos by Sergei Belski for USA TODAY Sports
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It took six years, but the UFC paid back Calgary MMA fans in a big way with last night’s (July 28, 2018) UFC on FOX 30.

Dana White has made many off-handed promises that he hasn’t seen through to the end. So when White vowed to come back to Calgary in a big way next time in hopes of redemption for what many people consider the worst UFC event in history, the Canadian faithful didn’t exactly hold their breath. Little did they know, however, this would be one of those promises that White would see through to the end, and in his promised big way.

UFC on FOX 30 lived up to the hype and then some. Every one of 13 fights delivered in its own way. Whether liver kicks are your thing or you prefer a good old fashion slobber knocker, UFC on FOX 30 had something for everyone.

We here at LowkickMMA are pragmatists, and so we strive to make your life as an MMA fan a little easier. That’s why we compiled our list of the seven biggest takeaways from an insane UFC on FOX 30.

Our list starts here:

Sergei Belski for USA TODAY Sports

Dustin Poirier “should” be next to challenge for the lightweight title:

Dustin “The Diamond” Poirier melted Eddie Alvarez in their main event rematch and in so doing cemented himself as the #1 contender to Khabib Nurmagomedov’s title.

Poirier turned pro back in 2009 and made his octagon debut just two years later at UFC 125 in January of 2011. “The Diamond” fought and won three times in 2011, the final time being at the massive UFC on FOX 1 card. Poirier has sure come a long way.

Few fighters have demonstrated the ability to continually evolve in the ever-changing world of MMA as Poirier has. Although his fundamental game has mostly stayed intact, the American Top Team (ATT) fighter continues to add to his “Thug-Jitsu” base, making him a serious contender in the deepest division of the sport.

Poirier’s KO of Alvarez did more than end their rivalry. It’s performances like that that earn title shots, and that’s exactly what “The Diamond” is expecting for his next fight.

If he actually gets it another story altogether, but with eight wins in his last nine fights against the 155-pound elite, he most certainly deserves it.

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