MMA great Georges St-Pierre booked as the co-host for the Anderson Silva vs Jake Paul boxing match on October 29

Georges St-Pierre Jake-Paul-v-Anderson-Silva-

The October 29 boxing showdown between Anderson Silva and Jake Paul has a special guest as the commentator. Former two-division UFC champion Georges St-Pierre will in the booth for this match.

Gerges St-Pierre will not be new to the commentary team experience. The Canadian-born MMA great has worked as a commentator for Karate Combat events as well as French broadcasts of the UFC.

Rush‘ vacated his welterweight crown after a close decision win against Johny Hendricks. He then came back years later and took the middleweight world title from Michael Bisping via submission at UFC 217. Retiring with two lineal titles, Georges St-Pierre is considered one of the greatest of all time in MMA history.

With the announcement of Georges St-Pierre in the booth, Jake Paul on Twitter said:

“Welcome to the show legend @GeorgesStPierre – appreciate you for co-hosting.”

It is unclear who else will be on commentary aside from St-Pierre.

Anderson Silva is on a two-fight win streak in professional boxing heading into this match. ‘The Spider’ has wins over Julio César Chávez Jr. and Tito Ortiz. Jake Paul is on a five-fight win streak in boxing with notable wins over Tyron Woodley and Ben Askren.

Georges St-Pierre vs Anderson Silva? Michael Bisping weighs in

Two great UFC champions were competing alongside one another at the same time, just one weight class separated. However, despite some hype and discussions, welterweight great Georges St-Pierre and middleweight great Anderson Silva never fought in the UFC octagon.

Michael Bisping, former UFC middleweight champion, fought both during his career. Recently, ‘The Count’ broke down a ‘Rush’ vs ‘The Spider’ matchup. On his YouTube channel, he said:

“In their primes, from 2009 to 2012, fighting at middleweight, I’ve got to go with Anderson Silva … Now look, overall, I think it would have been an extremely close fight. Georges no doubt would have come in with a tremendous strategy. He would have implemented a lot of takedowns, and I think he would have a lot of control time. But as you know, 185, Anderson Silva in his prime, the knockout power, the inventiveness, the creativity that the man possessed, it was absolutely mind-blowing… And I think maybe somewhere around Round 3, Round 4, in a fight that Anderson Silva would have been losing, Georges would’ve come in for a takedown and he would’ve walked into a knee, an elbow, a punch, a kick, something, and I do think that Anderson Silva would’ve been victorious. There it is. In their primes, I think Anderson might have got the job done.”

He explained that Georges St-Pierre would have controlled most of the match before Silva would have found an opening to get the knockout win. Bisping also added that it was an honor to have shared the octagon with both of these men. He continued:

“I am so proud to have shared the Octagon with both of these people. Both absolute legends from the sport, both gentlemen, and both just two of the nicest guy that you could ever meet.”

See the full breakdown below: