nate-diaz-conor-mcgregor-mma-ufc-196-mcgregor-vs-diaz-4[1]1) McGregor vs. Diaz II

We’re doing this again?

I guess if you’re a McGregor fan you want to see this matchup again. But we have to be realistic. Nate Diaz worked McGregor over back at UFC 196. The Irishman may have landed some good shots in the opening minutes, but he was derailed in a timely fashion.

So to pin these two up against each other again seems pretty desperate by the UFC to attempt to regain the aura of invincibility that McGregor lost last month. I know the featherweight king asked for this, but there’s not much more he can do in a rematch that didn’t work the first time around.

And even if this is the money fight to make and it must be done, save it for another time. McGregor needed to re-solidify his position within the 145-pound division at UFC 200 and this isn’t going to cut it.