Video – Former world’s strongest man Eddie Hall destroys Alex Pereira’s power-punching record

Video - Former world's strongest man Eddie Hall destroys Alex Pereira's Power-Punching record

Former world’s strongest man Eddie Hall shattered Alex Pereira’s record-breaking punch on the PowerKube.

It seems like every other week, somebody is coming along and setting a new standard when it comes to punching power. In 2017, former UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou scored 129,161 franklin (a unit used by the PowerKube that combines power and energy) on the PowerKube.

Francis Ngannou

That record held strong up until earlier this year when it appeared that middleweight standout Joe Pyfer beat the record.

Joe Pyfer

However, Pyfer’s score of 170,218 was not made official after the operator of the device alleged that there was some sort of issue with the equipment on that particular day.

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Pyfer did not agree.

Earlier this month, two-division champion Alex Pereira set an even higher record, scoring 191,796 units ahead of his successful light heavyweight title defense at UFC 300.

Strongman Eddie Hall Sets a new standard

Weeks later, it appears that we have a new undisputed heavy hitter after Eddie Hall hit the PowerKube, generating an incredible 208,901 units — nearly 80,000 more than Ngannou’s original record and 17,000 more than Pereira’s.

Surely, someone will come along and outdo Hall’s record before long. Who’s it gonna be?

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Eddie Hall
Eddie Hall