‘Blonde Bomber’ Ebanie Bridges addresses rumors surrounding her relationship with UFC icon Conor McGregor

'Blonde Bomber' Ebanie Bridges addresses her close relationship with UFC megastar Conor McGregor

The ‘Blonde Bomber’ Ebanie Bridges is fed up with the never-ending stream of rumors regarding her relationship with Irish megastar Conor McGregor.

In December, Bridges brandished a tattoo promoting McGregor’s Forged Irish Stout on her torso ahead of a fight with Miyo Yoshida at a Matchroom Boxing event in San Francisco.

Ebanie Bridges

In the months since, the OnlyFans star has been spotted canoodling with Conor McGregor on multiple occasions, even flying out to Dublin to spend the night partying with the Irishman at his pub, Black Forge Inn. Since then, rumors have been flying about the pair’s relationship with most media outlets suggesting that things are far beyond friendship between the two combat sports stars.

Ebanie Bridges and Conor McGregor

However, Ebanie Bridges insists that there is nothing of the sort going on with McGregor, who has four children with his longtime fiancée Dee Devlin.

“Yeah, it’s f*cking annoying [that I have to defend our friendship] because it’s so clear to me,’ Bridges told instantcasinos.com. Maybe I’m either really smart or I just think it’s common sense. I think they [fans] have this little fantasy that we’re f*cking, and then they get excited about that and maybe go have a w*nk. 

“I don’t know but that’s all I can think of. Because honestly if there was something going on, I feel like we wouldn’t be together in public if we were doing something like that. I wouldn’t be wearing that branded clothing all the time and having a Forged Irish Stout in my hand all the time. It’s clearly promotion. 

They want to think it up in their head for whatever reason, for their own little fantasies or to try and bring me down or to try and bring Conor down, because he has a lot of haters as well. But in the end, the people that are saying that, they’re just trying to spread rumors and make things up or make themselves excited” (h/t DailyMail).

Ebanie Bridges and Conor McGregor

Ebanie Bridges Insists Her Relationship with Conor McGregor is purely business

The Aussie boxer previously stated in an interview that the pair’s frequent appearances were nothing more than a business agreement between the two.

“He uses me for clout really,” Bridges said in November. “He’s sponsoring me to get his brand out. That’s what sponsors do,’ she said at the time. We met at the AJ fight and I wore his brand there, because he’s using me to get his brand out. Otherwise he’d be wearing a stout shirt.

“But we work together because he knows – me and him – will get people talking about his brand. It’s not that I need him, but we both help each other out, we are both an asset to each other’s brands, we both help build each other, it’s not one-sided.”

Ebanie Bridges and Conor McGregor

After nearly three years on the shelf, Conor McGregor will return to the Octagon on Saturday, June 29 for a long-awaited clash with former Bellator MMA champion Michael Chandler at UFC 303.