Six UFC Career-Changing Left Hooks

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Fighters have long utilized the left hook as a way to counter their opponents and inflict fight-ending damage. A proper slip followed by a left hook can change the momentum in any fight, many times resulting in a win – in this list, however, we target something a little different.

In the following examples, we take a look at five times that a single left hook has not only changed the trajectory of a fight, but rather shifted the momentum of an entire career. The selections are specific to UFC bouts, each with a unique storyline line that followed the fight ending blow.

It’s time to fire up the UFC Fight Pass subscription and see who made the list, because these knockouts are must-see for any fight fan.

The fights selected span over the entirety of the UFC’s 23 year history and range from title fights to normal bouts. The placement of each bout on the list is dependent on the magnitude of the knock out from an in-fight perspective, and how it affected the careers of the fighters involved following the bout.

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