Five Best Fights & MMA Moments Of 2017


2. Eddie Alvarez vs. Justin Gaethje

Boy, did this fight deliver.

On paper, Gaethje vs Alvarez was extremely appealing to fight fans’ “Just Bleed’ side. Two men who come forward, winging punches with reckless abandon; two durable lightweights, one a former champion, the other undefeated.

Gaethje and Alvarez came through in a huge way when they finally stepped into the cage. The two battled back-and-forth, momentum shifting frantically between them.

Then, in the third and final round, Eddie Alvarez landed a knee in the clinch that put Gaethje’s lights out – the first time anyone had ever done so.

The fight was unofficially dubbed “The battle for the title of ‘Most Violent Man’”, and with certainty that question was answered. Eddie Alvarez knocked out the wrecking ball of violence known as Justin Gaethje. There’s no way you can’t call Alvarez the UFC’s most violent man.