Hooked up to a lie detector, Dillon Danis remains non-Committal on Logan Paul fight

Dillon Danis

Dillon Danis is going to keep trolling until the very end.

On Saturday, October 14, Danis is scheduled to step inside the squared circle for a boxing clash with social media sensation Logan Paul. Emanating from Manchester, many fight fans have been eagerly waiting to find out if Danis is even going to show up inside the AO Arena this weekend, let alone fight.

Recently, Danis found himself hooked up to a lie detector to answer some hard-hitting questions ahead of fight night. Inevitably, the question came up asking whether or not he was actually going to show up and compete against Logan Paul.

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Coy as ever, Dillon Danis gave the one answer you’re not typically allowed to give during a lie detector test.

Dillon Danis Has a Good Reason to Show Up on Saturday Night

The general consensus appears to be under the assumption that Dillon Danis will in fact show up on fight night, if for no other reason than he’s going to need the payday to help cover some serious lawyer fees.

After weeks of endlessly harassing Logan Paul’s fiancee, Nina Agdal, on social media, the Danish swimsuit model finally had enough. Agdla filed a lawsuit against Danis, alleging that he had attacked her online more than 250 times with a variety of images, memes, and comments. Danis even went so far as to share a sexually explicit photo of Agdal that was reportedly taken during a “romantic encounter” more than 10 years ago.

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Now contending with a lawsuit and pending charges for allegedly violating federal ‘revenge porn’ laws, Dillon Danis is going to need all the coin he can get his hands on for the impending fallout of his actions.

The real question is, will Danis and Paul engage in a clean fight come Saturday’s co-main event, or will they let their emotions get the best of them once they come face-to-face?