Conor McGregor Claims He ‘Won The Battle’ At UFC 229

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For some reason, Conor McGregor claims he and his team ‘won the battle’ at UFC 229.

The mixed martial arts (MMA) world is still dealing with the fallout of Saturday night’s (October 6, 2018) UFC 229 main event from the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov submitted Conor McGregor (watch full highlights here), but that lead to an all-out brawl when “The Eagle” jumped into the crowd and attacked Dillon Danis.

The scene was all-out pandemonium, with three of Khabib’s teammates allegedly jumping into the Octagon to assault the still-dazed McGregor. Video evidence showed McGregor may have thrown the first punch in that faceoff. Those men were arrested. But they didn’t face legal ramifications when McGregor decided not to press charges.

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Regardless, the men are reportedly UFC fighters, and that lead White to confirm they were done fighting in the UFC.

All of that adds up to legitimately the most chaotic scene the UFC has ever witnessed. For his part, McGregor focused on his loss rather than the post-fight brawl. He called it a “good knock” on social media before asking for a rematch. Today, however, it appears McGregor is more focused on that post-fight brawl. He posted a somewhat cryptic message on Instagram claiming that while he lost the fight, his team ‘won the battle’ somehow:

“We lost the match but won the battle. The war goes on.”

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The War Goes On?

The “war” McGregor speaks of is no doubt the bitter feud between his and Khabib’s team that turned into something deeply personal before April’s UFC 223.

It’s well documented by now that McGregor threw a metal hand dolly through a fighter bus that Nurmagomedov was rising after the UFC 223 media day. He was arrested for his attack, jailed, and reached a plea deal this summer. The melee was in response to Khabib isolating McGregor’s longtime friend Artem Lobov in the fighter hotel earlier that week. McGregor rallied up his goons and flew to New York City to incite the violence.

McGregor then made things even more personal by insulting Khabib’s father, religion, country, and manager during the media build-up for UFC 229. The undefeated champion had the last laugh by winning the fight.

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However, he sullied that by jumping into the crowd after it. The brawl is simply a stain on the sport of MMA. Be that as it may, McGregor wants to keep his “war” rolling. He claims that his side supposedly won at UFC 229.

He’ll have to clarify which ‘part’ of his side actually won, however. He submitted, and there’s more. This graphic footage suggests otherwise.

We’ve not seen the last of this rivalry by a long shot. Is that a good or bad thing?