10 Times MMA Stars Clashed With Their Opponent’s Camps


Fabrico Werdum vs. Edmond Tarverdyan

Tempers flared in the Octagon as UFC heavyweight champion Fabricio Werdum awaited confirmation that he had earned a convincing decision victory over Travis Browne at UFC 203 in 2016.

As they stood in the center of the Octagon with the referee in between the two fighters, Browne’s coach Edmond Tarverdyan began yelling at Werdum, with the Brazilian later claiming that he was “saying very bad things.”

Werdum reacted by aiming a push kick at the approaching Tarverdyan and then got into his fighting stance as Browne looked on warily at him, making it seem for a moment as if fans were going to be treated to an unscheduled fourth round between them.

However, Tarverdyan was then quickly removed and the hostilities subsided.

“I just keep my distance,” Werdum explained afterward. “I don’t want to kick him, I just keep the distance, you know? He’s a boxing coach, and I see in his eyes he wants to punch my face and I just want to keep the distance. But he comes first.”

Werdum and Tarverdyan both received verbal warnings from Brazil but escaped further punishment.