The Notorious Conor McGregor marches into the summer to the anticipated redemption against one of his archnemesis, Dustin Poirier, in UFC 264. Both fighters clashed with each other back in January in UFC 257, in which Poirier took McGregor by surprise and won the fight. The classic thriller match, dubbed as the final chapter of the McGregor vs. Poirier trilogy, will add a touch of suspension to the already heated UFC 264 fight card on July 10, 2021. 


MMA fans can expect a fierce fight as both fighters equally match one another in results. The odds are almost even for both McGregor and Poirier. The UFC 264 guarantees a thrilling summer heat; the main match and opening matches offer decent value in top sport betting bookmakers, including blockchain sports betting sites.

With careful analysis of any crucial factors that might affect the match result, it might be a perfect momentum to gain some chances of winning the bet. The profit from UFC 264 betting can be more intriguing by using blockchain and cryptocurrencies for betting. Here are some predictions and analyses of the moments and stats leading up to the big match between McGregor and Poirier.

McGregor Vs. Poirier in UFC 264

McGregor and Poirier’s fight will be headlining UFC 264. Holding the reputation as UFC’s biggest superstar, McGregor (22-5-0) will return to the octagon for a revenge mission in his third match against Poirier (27-6-0) for the main event.

This a seven-years-in-the-making rivalry. It will have a triumphant conclusion at the top of the pay-per-view card for the upcoming event scheduled for July 10, 2021. Aside from reuniting the two rivals, the event will also welcome a full-capacity crowd to T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, where the event takes place.

Only six months after McGregor’s second-round TKO against Poirier, this lightweight bout has all the stakes for both fighters. McGregor is eager to prove that he’s not finished yet. Meanwhile, Poirier aims to end McGregor’s UFC time with a bang. Whoever wins this bout will clash against the current Lightweight champion Charles Oliveira.

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A Rivalry Seven Years in the Making

They clashed for the first time in September 2014 at UFC 178 featherweight fight. Both fighters are relatively up-and-coming sensations in the UFC. However, McGregor proved his worth in the MMA scene to the world with a first-round knockout against Poirier. The Irishman scored a quick TKO against the rival in less than two minutes, giving him a night to remember.

In the aftermath of the clash, McGregor gained his notoriety and became a two-division champion. He has gone with retirement and unretirement from the sport that has granted him fame simultaneously. On the other side, Poirier carried on and grew his reputation as one of the best lightweight fighters amongst the current UFC rosters.

When the two met again in January 2020 at UFC 257, all signs pointed to McGregor’s back-to-back victories. Yet, Poirier turned the game around. He gave McGregor a shocking defeat in a two-round match. McGregor dominated early in the first round. However, leg kicks become the story of that night. Poirier kept landing several precise low-calf kicks that led up to McGregor’s eventual defeat. The Notorious looked overwhelmed as the injured calf limited his movement. Poirier went on to score a second-round technical knockout after consistently utilizing leg kicks to set up the finale. 

Analysis & Prediction

Prior to Poirier’s rematch, McGregor only registered one rematch against Nate Diaz at UFC 202 in August 2019. McGregor showcased enhanced endurance while utilizing leg kicks to survive a hard-fought five-round bout. In the end, The Irishmen won fair and square even when the fight went the distance. McGregor’s team will want to look up this success story to stage a comeback against Poirier.

The leg kicks have become the protagonist in both stories. McGregor used it to win against Diaz. However, the same leg kicks robbed him of winning against Poirier. It is a moderate technique that has recently regained its fame among MMA fighters. This technique aims to limit the opponent’s movement by taking the calf aggressively.

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McGregor will inarguably check this early on in the match and, quite possibly, throw some in return to counter it. Poirier, however, will have more surprises regarding the leg kicks given the fact that his strategy in implementing it was a massive success previously.


To rebound from the last defeat, The Notorious must project some extra motivation to the next match. McGregor and his coaching team led by John Kavanagh will expect improvements in several departments after the January setback. General patience and leg work, including the leg kicks, will be essential factors that can be game-changers for McGregor. Poirier outsmarted and outpowered him in the previous miscalculation; therefore, he needs to test the range this early on in the match to anticipate any shock factors that might burden him. 

Poirier is high on morale and confidence after the previous result. He could have chosen a title shot over a prestige-ridden rematch, yet, he gave McGregor the rematch. Poirier can use this newly-found confidence to get the upper hand. Recently, he reworked his firm boxing style under Coach Phil Daru and combined it with leg kicks consistently to overwhelm his opponent. Remember, the top lightweight fighter still has the swirling hooks that have proven to be a lethal asset, as seen in McGregor’s trashing. However, it remains a surprise what he can bring to the octagon in the July match.


Looking at the recent UFC stats of both fighters, it seems that there is nothing extremely outstanding to separate them. McGregor only has a 2-inch advantage over Poirier in terms of reach; meanwhile, Poirier has a more extended leg reach by 0.5 inches over McGregor. In the striking statistics, they seem like a match made in heaven.

Poirier has improved his significant strikes per minute rate in recent fights. However, his number is only slightly better than McGregor’s. Interestingly, McGregor has also worked on his defense rate, absorbing 4.54 significant strikes per minute. We can expect a lot of movement in the build-up, as both fighters are keen on landing significant strikes for most of the match.

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McGregor still does not resort to takedown to end the match; but, he still maintains solid takedown defense rates. His 86% KO/TKO rate suggests that he might be up for another knockdown. Meanwhile, Poirier has a penchant for a takedown that leads to submission. It is enticing to see how the match rolls; yet, we can expect an open MMA fight that chains punches and footwork to grappling and fight on the ground.

McGregor can rely on his light feet and use more grappling. His boxing style does not quite hit the opponent in the last fight. He may change stances to a more linear Karateka style to counter Poirier’s precise strike.

UFC 264 Betting Tips

There is a good chance McGregor will repeat his brilliance in the 2014 match. With extra motivation after the defeat, he must end this trilogy with a sweet victory. His current KO percentage of 86% should give the confidence to bet on McGregor by strikes to win. After Poirier gave McGregor his first KO in their previous match, placing the bet on Poirier by KO/TKO also makes sense. Poirier has the advantage of high morale and confidence. He is also top ranking in the lightweight division with a chance to usurp Oliveira for the title match.

Given the result of their previous two rematches, you should be confident to bet the match does not go the distance. Remember McGregor knocked out Poirier in the first round back in 2014. Meanwhile, Poirier gave McGregor a TKO only in the second round.

Aside from the main event, we can expect other fierce games in UFC 264. The welterweight bout between Gilbert Burns and Stephen Thompson is the co-main event. Furthermore, Tai Tuviasa will fight Greg Hardy in the heavyweight division. Sean O’Malley will clash against Louis Smolka in bantamweight; while Irene Aldana will face off Yana Kunitskaya in women’s bantamweight. With more matches, there will be bigger chances to win the betting during UFC 264, including betting by cryptocurrencies and blockchain that offers a more secure betting experience.