Top 8 Best MMA Fighters Under 25

Erin Blanchfield

When an MMA fighter gets into the ring for his best fight, data shows that he or she will go on to fight in prime form for about 9.5 years before the decline starts. 

With this knowledge in mind, we can say that 25 is a good age for MMA fighters. While it is not a bad age to start your MMA career, it is best to get started earlier if you aim to go pro. For instance, Conner McGregor’s amateur debut was at 18 years of age. 

This is a combat sport, and only people with great reflex action make headway. The sport tests the mental faculties of a player, perhaps even more than it tests their physical strength. 

But this does not mean that you cannot start training at any age. Besides, you can take good nootropics for athletes to give you the mental clarity that you need in this sport. 

Talking of MMA athletes who started early and are making great strides in the sport, who are the best MMA fighters under 25 years to look out for in 2023 and beyond? 

Who are these next generation fighters who shall ensure the continuity of the sport? 

Here they are:

1. Erin Blanchfield: Born on 4th May 1999

The opponents who have been pitted against the 23-year-old Blanchfield know very well why she is called Erin “Cold Blooded” Blanchfield

Owing to her serious, stone-cold demeanor when in the ring, her father gave her the nickname “Cold Blooded.” The US-born fighter who fights out of New York is a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. She is a Flyweight at 125.5 lbs. 

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By 9 years of age, Blanchfield was already taking part in kickboxing and grappling competitions and by 12 years of age, she had made up her mind that she wanted to become a professional fighter. 

When she was 19 years old, she made her pro MMA debut and she defeated Whitney Pyles. Now, at 24, the future looks really bright for her. She says she wants to be an MMA commentator when she retires from professional fighting. 

2. Tatsuro Taira: Born on 27 January 2000

At only 23 years of age by 2023 and an impressive record of 13 wins, zero draws and zero loss, the future looks really bright for Tatsuro Taira, and Pro MMA. 

Taira fights for Japan, and Okinawa to be specific. His journey to becoming a Pro MMA fighter started when he followed his elder brother to the gym at only 15 years of age. 

Today, he shines at grappling, kicking and striking. With an impressive array of skills to pull from, he says that he enjoys any fighting style. 

His rear-naked and triangle chokes are impressive and 5 times, he has finished by forcing a submission on his opponents. Taira is also known for going for quick, first round finishes. 

3. Muhammad Mokaev: Born on 30th July 2000

Nicknamed The Punisher, 22-year-old Muhammad Mokaev, who fights out of Manchester, England, is the man to watch now and in the future. He has an unbeaten Pro MMA fighting record of 9 wins, zero draws and zero losses. Before this one, he had an unbeaten amateur record of 23-0. 

His foundation style is wrestling, so he has a well polished ground game. He also has quite a number of skills under his belt, making him one of the most exciting fighters to watch. The 125 lbs flyweight enjoys a fight as much as he enjoys a win. 

Currently, Mokaev is ranked at number 12 in the UFC. As the MMA sport looks to entrench a new generation of fighters, Mokaev will be among the top ones. 

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4. Brady Hiestand – Born on 30th April 1999

Soon to exit the under-25-club, the US-born, 135 lbs bantam weight Brady Hiestand had 7 wins, 1 loss on TKO and one more loss on decision by April 30, 2023. 

Hiestand is an impressive fighter to watch because of his display of talent. The future looks bright for him, even after 25 years of age. 

5. Raul Rosas JR: Born on 8th October 2004

Nicknamed El Niño Problema, Raul Rosas Jr. was the youngest ever fight to get into the UFC at only 17 years of age. In the UFC circles, it is said he could be headed to a world championship. By the end of May 2023, Rosas Jr. had competed in 8 UFC fights, and had won 7 and lost 1. 

The 135 lbs athlete is a bantam at 135 lbs. Born in New Mexico, he had his first round in the Octagon at just 8 years of age. Today, the continues to impress many with his skill and fighting style. 

Rosas Jr. displays advanced grappling skills, and a fearless demeanor. In such hands, the future of pro MMA is indeed great.

6. Michael Morales: Born on 24 June 1999

With an impressive record of 14-0-0 meaning he has won 14 fights and lost none. At the weight of 170.5 lbs, he is a welterweight. This Ecuadorian athlete made his professional MMA debut in August 2019 and his star shines brighter. By May 2023, his record at the UFC stood at 2-0-0. 

Morales had good grounding in combat sports, because he was born to Judo trainers. Both his mother and father were black belts. When he was 5 years old, he started training with his mother. 

7. Yazmin Jauregui: Born on 28 February 2

When she set out to make her UFC debut, the Mexican Yazmin Jauregui had one goal in mind – to become the first Mexican woman to win the UFC champion. 

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Indeed, her journey into the Octagon has been full of obstacles, as her debut was almost derailed by a cartel uprising in her hometown. But she has gone on to hone her fighting skills, and to become a high caliber fighter. 

Her amateur debut was at 19 years of age, and a few months later, she debuted her pro career. Since then, she has won 10 fights without a losing. Now and in the future, she is definitely a person to watch in the UFC. 

In her own words, she says she started molding this beautiful art when she was 15 years old. Fighting under the Strawweight Class at 115 lbs, Jauregui had a good 10-0-0 record by the time of writing this. 

8. Chase Hooper: Born on 13 September 1999

Chase Hooper is one of the people to watch in the UFC now and in the future. With a foundation in Jiu Jitsu (he has a black belt) and excellent grappling skills, Hooper is set to go far. His pro record stands at 11 wins and 3 losses, quite impressive for a young fighter. 

Weighing in for the class featherweight at 145 lbs, he has splendid grappling skills as he has demonstrated many times, and his strikes keep getting better. 


The list of the best MMA fighters under 25 years is longer than the 8 you have seen here. However, this list gives you ideas regarding the future of the sport. 

New fighters are dethroning old fighters, which is very important for the progression of the sport. This is how every sport should be. 

As the sport keeps evolving, the competition gets tougher, and the fans enjoy it even more. Younger enthusiasts keep coming up, with some getting into the UFC while still in teenage. 

While some are older than 25 years, other MMA greats to look out for include Mansur Abdul-Malik, Yin Shuai, Salahdine Parnasse, Rei Tsuruya, and Joshua Van to name but a few of them.