Ryan Hall Responds To Pedro Munhoz’s Challenge

Ryan Hall
Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports
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Ryan Hall has found himself in a very interesting position. Hall is having difficulty finding an opponent willing to step into the Octagon with him.

This is likely due to Hall’s unique style of fighting. The jiu-jitsu ace has received mixed criticisms for his style of fighting, which relies heavily on his grappling ability, more specifically his leg lock attacks. Many are in awe of his ability, while others complain about the entertainment value in his contests. With that being said, Hall recently took to social media to, admittedly out of character, call out Jose Aldo and Frankie Edgar.

While he didn’t receive a response from either of the future UFC Hall Of Famers, he did get a response from UFC bantamweight Pedro Munhoz. Munhoz is willing to jump up to 145 pounds in order to face Hall.

“He asked for a fight with Gray Maynard, a 40-year-old,” Munhoz said. “He asked for Jose Aldo, who just dropped to bantamweight. He asked for Frankie Edgar, who’s almost 40 and just broke his jaw. I’d fight this sh*t. It would be a good one. 

“He has the best jiu-jitsu in the featherweight division, and I have the best jiu-jitsu in the bantamweight division. I have nine wins via guillotine choke, and he has a bunch of heel hooks.”

Now, Hall has responded to the challenge, asking Munhoz if he’s down to scrap at UFC 249 in April from Brooklyn.

“Thank you, @PedroMunhozmma. It would be a pleasure to face an athlete of your high caliber. How about April 18 in Brooklyn?”

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