Nate Diaz Topples Anthony Pettis – UFC 241 Results

Nate Diaz

Next up is what many consider to be the people’s main event here tonight (Sat. August 17, 2019) at UFC 241. Nate Diaz takes on Anthony “Showtime” Pettis in the co-main event.

Round 1:

Diaz lands some nice clinch shots to open up. A nice front kick to the body backs Pettis up. A nice hook from Pettis backs Diaz up. Leg kick from Pettis. A nice combination lands for Pettis. Pettis lands some big shots on Diaz but Diaz clinches him up against the cage. They separate and Pettis rips off some big shots.

Another front kick to the body lands for Diaz. Pettis lands a nice combination that ends with a kick. Another clinch up for Diaz, but they separate and Diaz connects with a right hand. Diaz gets a takedown and Pettis goes for a guillotine. Diaz is into Pettis’ guard now and is landing some ground-and-pound. Nice transitions on the ground from Diaz, who takes the back and the round ends.

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Round 2:

Pettis trips and Diaz walks forward and has him against the cage. A nice left-hand lands for Pettis. Diaz’s eye is bothering him and the referee stops it. A nice shot lands for Pettis but Diaz continues to walk forward. Diaz clinches up with Pettis against the cage but they separate quickly. Back clinch for Diaz, Pettis goes to the ground but gets back up. A knee to the head lands for Diaz and they’re still clinched against the cage. Another nice elbow from Diaz and Diaz is starting to turn the volume up. More nice knees from Diaz and he’s turning up the volume now. A few elbows land for Pettis but Diaz responds with a barrage.

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Round 3:

Diaz immediately clinches up with Pettis against the cage. Pettis is fighting back but and circles out. Pettis now clinches Diaz against the cage but they separate again. Diaz now presses forward with shots. A beautiful combination from Diaz now vicious knees land for Diaz. Pettis drops and Diaz is swarming for ground-and-pound now. Pettis rolls over into Diaz’s guard.

Pettis trying to land some elbows now, stands up, but goes back down. A nice scramble for both men and now Diaz takes back side control again. Ground-and-pound for Diaz, he threatens the rear-naked choke, Pettis escapes and the fight is over.

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Official Result: Nate Diaz def. Anthony Pettis via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)