Manny Gamburyan Outlasts Scott Jorgensen For Decision Win

Manny The Anvil

Two former World Extreme Cagefighting (WEC) contenders Scott Jorgensen (15-11) and Manny Gamburyan (15-8) competed at UFC Fight Night 71 on July 15, 2015. “Young Guns” looked to improved his Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) record to 5-6, while “The Anvil” was vying for his second straight victory.

The bantamweight contest opened up with Jorgensen stuffing Gamburyan’s takedown. “The Anvil” connected with a right to the chin. “Young Guns” lifted Gamburyan and dropped him, but was caught in a guillotine. Jorgensen was able to reverse to escape the submission. Gamburyan was able to get Jorgensen on his back. He dragged “Young Guns” to the cage. Referee Herb Dean warned Jorgensen of grabbing onto the fence. Time was called as Jorgensen kneed his opponent in the groin.

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When we returned to the action, Gamburyan lifted Jorgensen to complete a double leg takedown. Jorgensen reversed and threw some punches and a knee, which was blocked. “The Anvil” countered with a haymaker that dropped “Young Guns.” Gamburyan tried to finished the fight with ground and pound, but he couldn’t put Jorgensen away. The first round ended with both fighters engaging in the standup.

Round two was underway and Jorgensen landed a lunging right hand to the head and a punch to the body. Gamburyan accidentally kicked Jorgensen in the groin and the action was halted again. The fight resumed and Jorgensen connected with a leg kick and a straight right. Gamburyan pressured Jorgensen against the fence, but couldn’t take him down. Jorgensen went for a single leg takedown and Gamburyan latched onto a guillotine.

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“Young Guns” reversed into a front headlock position. He kneed his opponent in the head. “The Anvil” landed a right hand on the break. Gamburyan finally got Jorgensen to the ground, but his control didn’t last long as Jorgensen got him down. “The Anvil” scrambled out and held onto “Young Guns,” throwing a stiff knee to the body as the second round ended.

The third and final round started with Jorgensen blocking a heavy punch. A thudding leg kick found its home for “The Anvil.” The second leg kick attempt was checked by “Young Guns.” Jorgensen snuck in a right hand to the jaw and an uppercut to the body. The stick and move approach from Jorgensen proved to be more effective than his efforts in the first two rounds. Gamburyan began finding his opponent’s body with kicks.

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“The Anvil” shot for a takedown and received a knee for his troubles. Gamburyan popped Jorgensen with a combination and then forced him against the fence. The fight ended with both fighters exchanging punches and Jorgensen getting the better of it. When the score totals were read, the judges were in favor of Gamburyan.

Final Result: Manny Gamburyan def. Scott Jorgensen via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)