Justin Gaethje Says Conor McGregor Is A ‘B*tch’ If He Doesn’t Fight Him

Justin Gaethje McGregor
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Justin Gaethje desperately wants a fight with Conor McGregor. The Irishman is set to return on January 18 from the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. However, initial reports suggest Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone is the frontrunner to welcome McGregor back to Octagon action.

Even UFC president Dana White has confirmed this is the fight the Las Vegas-based mixed martial arts (MMA) promotion is working on. Speaking to TMZ Sports, Gaethje expressed his frustration with being left out of the mix. “The Highlight” said he hasn’t heard anything about potentially fighting McGregor, and vowed, if “Notorious” wants to get back to the 155-pound title, he has to get through him first.

“No, they haven’t even mentioned it to me, it’s bullsh*t,” Gaethje said. “I don’t know what’s going on. Like I said, I’m over here playing in the snow; snowboarding when I can, golfing when I can, trying to keep my mind distracted. Because I get very frustrated when I think about what’s going on. The fact that – if he is fighting anybody, it should be me. If he wants to fight for a world title, if he doesn’t then he can fight whoever he wants, I’m cool with that.

“That’s perfectly fine, I have no complaints about that. But if you want to fight for a world title, I’ve put myself in line, and you’re trying to be in line, so what is happening right now? I truly believe that he’s scared to fight the fight he has to fight against me. I think he’s looking for a sure way in. At the end of the day, there’s only two ways out with me – you either knock me out – I wouldn’t finish him like Khabib did, I wouldn’t take his neck. I’d make him stand up and I’d make him take it like a man. That’s one thing I know, I know he’s terrified of.

“And, that’s one thing I bring to the table. I think he knows that he needs a win, but at the end of the day this is going to be another Ronda Rousey story. He dug himself too deep of a hole and there’s no way he can come out of it. He’s gonna get knocked out and he’s gonna go away.”

In the end, Gaethje doesn’t care about fighting McGregor. His ultimate goal is to try and become the first man to stop undefeated lightweight champ Khabib Nurmagomedov. In fact, Gaethje would rather hold off on signing a bout agreement with McGregor right now, since the rumored fight between Nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson isn’t official yet.

“I don’t care,” Gaethje said. “I want to fight Khabib. I got to fight Khabib before he goes away. Even – the fact that Khabib and Tony isn’t signed yet, I would rather even not even sign a fight with Conor. Because, that would take me out of the equation if something happened with Tony. That’s my number one goal, is to fight Khabib.

“So however I can make that happen – right now, talk sh*t to Conor, hopefully pull him out – I don’t have to pull him out, the man said he’s going to fight. He’s an absolute b*tch if he does not fight me. He’s going to lose a ton of respect from all of his fans. How big of a b*tch can you be? Especially when you call yourself the king. The Burger King. And you’re going to f*cking not fight me solely for the purpose because you have to get a win. So you’re not going to face me.

“He’s a b*tch. But I hope he’s a b*tch in a way that he doesn’t want them to tell me that I’m fighting him January 18, so that maybe he gets a head-start in training. Not as big a b*tch as in not fighting me. So I don’t know. I’m training like I always do, staying ready, taking livers home at sparring. So, it’s good.”

What do you think about a fight between Gaethje and McGregor? Is this something you want to see?

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