Five Reasons UFC Ratings Are Tanking In 2017

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    Too Many Events:

    This topic has been beaten down for what seems like many years now, but with the promotion choosing to create so many interim titles without true draws around to headline cards, it’s become more amplified and omnipresent than it ever has before.

    Sure, the UFC may be raking in ticket sales and television deal dollars with a card every week, but it’s resulted in the overall feeling that each event just isn’t special because most just aren’t. July 16’s UFC Fight Night card from Glasgow, Scotland is a perfect example – while a decent enough event in its own right, it was aired on a Sunday afternoon and gives most viewers a reason to point at the television and complain how there are too many cards nowadays rather than tune in with extreme anticipation.

    The ratings and buy rates have once again proven this, and it should be interesting to see how a card like UFC 214, with three elite-level title fights at the top does in terms of buys. If that card can’t sell big numbers for once this year, it will point to a much deeper-seeded issue that the promotion can no longer create anticipation for even the biggest of their events if McGregor isn’t headlining.

    Having a card every single weekend is a factor that has slowly lead to that lack of anticipation.

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