Five Biggest Upsets In UFC Title Fight History

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MMA (mixed martial arts) has seen some truly jaw dropping championship upsets over the years, and they are only becoming more frequent. The champions of each division walk a thin line between being the top fighter in the weight class and an over-hyped story of woe. It only takes one bad night, one punch, one missed step and that champ that had reigned with such dominance in the past is suddenly relinquishing their belt to a massive underdog.

For the betting favorite, life can often be more difficult than for the lesser known name; quite often these fighters have nothing to lose, throwing everything they have at the chance of striking gold, more and more frequently scoring the massive upset that oddsmakers dread. Sometimes it can be put down to the consensus just not realising the potential that the underdog had, or perhaps the boss of the division was simply never that good.

In honor of this weekend’s (Saturday July 25th) TJ Dillashaw vs. Renan Barao 2, we present to you theĀ Five Biggest Upsets In UFC Title Fight History: