Dillon Danis reacts to Logan Paul bringing BJJ star Gordon Ryan to weigh-Ins: ‘That’s his steroid supplier’

Logan Paul

Logan Paul had another ace up his sleeve during the Misfits Boxing weigh-ins on Friday in the form of BJJ superstar Gordon Ryan.

Paul kicked things off by bringing Chris Hansen, the host of To Catch a Predator, on stage to help him complete a one-note joke that you can probably figure out without us fully explaining it. But the social media star was far from done, revealing that he had brought in jiu-jitsu’s top gun, Gordon Ryan, to make sure Danis doesn’t try any funny business once the two men step inside the squared circle on Saturday.

Dillon Danis is a coward, a predator, and I’m f*cking him up,” Paul said following his successful weigh-in. “I’m f*cking him up tomorrow. He’s a dirty a** fighter. I got all the goods in case he tries anything funny. In fact, I got Dillon Danis kryptonite in the building. You know, I brought the baddest dude in the world. I got Gordon Ryan to protect me in case he tries any jiu-jitsu bullsh*t. This man gonna f*ck you up tomorrow if you try to pull some sh*t.”

Gordon Ryan Reveals Why He’s in Manchester to Watch Paul vs. Danis

Asked by event host Ariel Helwani why he was there, Ryan said:

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“Really I’m here just to retrieve Dillon because I need someone to clean my cars and he’s the one who usually does it. So I came all the way here just to retrieve him and bring him back home to Texas.”

The rivalry between Gordon Ryan and Dillon Danis dates back to 2017 when the two men met at the ADCC World Championships. Danis took Ryan to the limit and it appeared that things were fairly amicable between the two, but in recent years, Ryan has claimed that Danis’ BJJ record is largely manufactured.

Responding to Ryan’s presence in Manchester, Dillon Danis delivered a fiery response.

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“That’s his steroid supplier,” Danis quipped. “That’s who that is. Two juice-heads. Gordon is a little b*tch. That’s why he’s selling out. He’s from Jersey and supports the other side. You’re a fcking dead man when you get back to Jersey you p*ssy a* b*tch.”

Dillon Danis vs. Logan Paul goes down on Saturday with the Misfits Boxing main card kicking off a 2 p.m. ET on DAZN pay-per-view.

Watch the full weigh-in ceremony below: