Cory Sandhagen was impressed by Yadong’s toughness, as the nasty cut above his eyebrow didn’t seem to deter Yadong’s aggression or his love for the fight. 

Last night’s UFC card was a bloody one. We saw several nasty cuts, including one in the main event after Sandhagen landed a beautiful elbow just above Yadong’s left eyebrow. The cut grew worse as the rounds went on and eventually, after the 4th, the doctor and Herb Dean and seen enough and called the fight off.

In the post fight press conference, Cory Sandhagen commented on Yadong’s toughness and how he seemed to enjoy the bloody affair. 

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“I honestly didn’t think about the cut,” Sandhagen said. “I could see the blood going into his mouth. He’s kind of a freaky dude. He’s smiling and enjoying it, getting the blood in his mouth. He’s kind of one of those guys.”

Cory Sandhagen Wishes The Fight Went On To A 5th Round

If it were up to 2 of the 3 men inside that octagon, the fight would have easily continued into the 5th round as both Sandhagen and Yadong seemed to have no quit in them.

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Sandhagen commented as much in the post fight presser. 

“I think I was starting to figure him out as the fight was going on, so I was really looking forward to a fifth round. I felt good, I felt fresh. I felt like my eyes were still working and my fifth round was going to be good, but I wanted to know that. That was kind of a bummer.”

The Bantamweight division is perhaps the most exciting and talent rich division in all of MMA. In the past few weeks, the talent has been in full display as Chito Vera and Merab Dvalishvili have taken home some big wins. 

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And now, Cory Sandhagen sets his eyes on one of those challengers next

“Chito or Merab are the obvious names. Both of them pose very different challenges. Two completely opposite fighters, almost. I don’t really care. Give me one of them for Christmas.”

However, the entire division could get a shake up after UFC 280, where the title is on the line between Aljamain Sterling and TJ Dillashaw. And also a possible number one contender fight is also going down in Abu Dhabi between Petr Yan and Sean O’Malley.

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