‘Choas’ Colby Covington was attacked outside of a restaurant by a former opponent of his ‘Gamebred’ Jorge Masival. The two MMA fighters have since been caught up in litigation against one another.

Covington showed up to watch the welterweight showdown at UFC 286 involving his former rival Kamaru Usman and current division king Leon Edwards. While in London, he made weight as the official backup fighter for the main. Additionally, the US-born ‘Chaos’ answered some questions from the media.

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Colby Covington on Bob Menery

Some have speculated, including social media influences ‘Nelk Boys,’ that podcaster Bob Menery was the one who leaked Covington’s location to Jorge Masvidal.

Social media influencer Kyle Forgeard explained what he thinks happened in a video from last year. He said:

“Just a little disclaimer for all the UFC fans…I know you guys saw what happened with the whole restaurant thing with Colby and Masvidal. Bob Menery actually set Colby up. So I did see him texting Masvidal while we were at dinner with Colby. So now that I think about it, something isn’t really adding up. I don’t know. I think Bob set him up.”

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At a recent press conference, Colby Covington said:

“Yeah, I don’t have a relationship with Bob Menery. The only reason that I had met him was through the Nelk Boys, through Kyle on those guys. I don’t know what to believe with that guy. I think he set me up with what happened. But you know I’ll let that work out the way it does. I just think he’s a fake guy, and you know no relationship.” [Transcript courtesy of Essentially Sports]

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The Nelk influencers are YouTubers who are close friends with UFC president Dana White. Bob Menery is a comedian. Jorge Masival and Colby Covington are MMA fighters who have not competed since early 2022.

See the full video below:

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