12 Infamous Street Fights Involving UFC Stars For 2018


For any sane, rational person, getting into a street fight with a professional MMA fighter would be considered a fate worse than death.

From vicious strikes to brutal slams and bone-breaking submissions, mixed martial artists spend their days learning new ways to inflict pain and punishment on anybody that’s foolish enough to stand in their way.

There’s always someone out there that’s looking for trouble though, and so while the majority of MMA stars are only interested in putting their techniques into practice in the cage, there are often stories about occasions when they had to put their skills to use in the street.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the most infamous street fight stories told by some of the UFC’s biggest stars, from outnumbered battles against barroom bouncers to life-threatening altercations with weapon-wielding thugs, and not forget the time several legends of the sport became embroiled in a brutal back-alley brawl.

Bas Rutten

Back in the mid-1990’s Bas Rutten was already a famous MMA fighter, and so when he showed up at the famous Spy Bar in Sweden the bouncers warned him to keep out of trouble.

Soon afterward, two of them pulled Rutten to one side and asked him to leave. Rutten agreed, but the bouncers seemed to be fixing for a fight and a shoving match ensued.

One of the bouncers then dived over his colleague and poked Rutten in the eye, then did the same to his other eye. Rutten dropped him with a single punch and before long he was now fighting five angry bouncers, all intent on beating him up.

’El Guapo’ sent more bodies went flying but realized this wasn’t going to end well and decided to head for the exit.

He reached a fire escape, but couldn’t open the door and turned around to face the bouncers again, who were now armed with broomsticks.

Moments later the police showed up behind Rutten and the bouncers backed off.

Rutten was jailed that night after it emerged that one of the people he’d KO’d during the melee had been a cop, but in the end he was released a few days later after the charges were dropped.