UFC on FX 8: Belfort vs. Rockhold Main Card Live Play-By-Play Results And Commentary

Join me tonight from 8 PM (EST) for live play-by-play results and commentary from the main card of UFC on FX 8. As well as Vitor Belfort vs. Luke Rockhold, I will be talking you through Chris Camozzi as he steps in at the last minute to battle Jacare De Souza, Rafael Natal will take on Joao Zeferino and Rafael Dos Anjos will go to war with Evan Dunham. Stay tuned to Lowkick!

UFC on FX 8 has been an awesome event so far, stacked with exciting finishes and great fights. Brazil always has a great atmosphere during MMA events, and tonight’s show just re-affirms my love for this sport.

So it’s time for the main card, first up we have:

Rafael Natal vs. Joao Zeferino

After an awesome UFC 160 preview, we get straight to it at 185lbs.-Damn Bruce Buffer can really get me hyped!

Round 1: Both guys on their toes, Joao with a big right, backing up Natal. Good movement by Natal, another big shot by Joao a head kick-damn this kid is mean. a flashy jab by Joao some feinting. The crowd is deafaning. Damn this is a war now Natal lands Joao recovers well and they clinch,Joao reverses a TD and gets half guard now to a 50/50 guard  leglocks for both men. they lock up in the grappling war. Joao takes Natal’s foot for the heel hook…….-Natal escapes, takes Joao’s leg for the heel hook….no its gone. And the ref stands them up. Round is over and I’d say its a 10-9 for Joao Zeferino.

Round 2: Damn, Jon Anik’s voice is loud. They come out tentatively, some jabs by both guys. Big shots by Joao, a right and left hook. Natal looks composed, but gets taken down. They scramble and clinch against the fence. They seperate, Joao lands an elbow on the break-and a big hook but he looks to be gassing out a bit. Natal jabs,stuffs a takedown and Joao is TIRED Natal stuffs him again and ushers Joao up to the feet. Joao lands a jab, and a big uppercut/hook. Natal kicks to the body-Joao has his hands at his waist , he looks tired man.spinning back fail by Natal and Joao almost falls through fatigue, Natal lands in the guard. Natal is scoring with gnp. They finish up the round and it is a 10-9 for Natal.

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Round 3: They hug as they begin the round-great respect from the Brazilian fighters. Some crisp boxing from Joao. a body kick to follow up. Natal attacks with the lowkick, now he has Joao’s back and some big shots from Natal but Joao rocks Natal with a right. This is a close match but Joao is tiring. natal slips the right this time, misses with a side kick and reverses the ensuing takedown. Natal in half guard now pummeling Joao. elbow to the ribs of Joao, and Natal looks to be running away with this one. Joao pulls guard.Natal passes it with ease now to side control and more elbows to the ribs of Joao now he mounts Joao and takes his back, BIG Shots! Joao is exhausted as the buzzer goes. 10-9 Natal.

Well I scored this 29-28 for Natal, the judges score it the same and the Renzo Gracie product Rafael Natal scores his 4th win out of his last 5-and he looked good. Up next we have:

Evan Dunham vs. Rafael Dos Anjos

Round 1: Dunham comes out jabbing and moving, Dos Anjos looking to kick. They trade punches, some good shots from Dunham as he chews a left from Dos Anjos. They trade again with the hands Dos Anjos with a knee. Dunham with a left hand, Dos Anjos wings a kick. a 1-2 from Evan, answered by a left from Anjos. and a body shot from RDA. and a headkick clips Dunham, who answers with 2 head punches. Big left right hook form RDA and a body shot Dunham trips off a kick and lands in the guard. Dunham controlling from the top goes for a neck crank. Dunham remaining active but the round winds up with them being stood up where RDA lands some BIG punches. 10-9 Rafael Dos Anjos, but it was close.

Round 2: Was that Ray Sefo in Dunham’s corner? they come out swinging wild and Dunham lands a takedown, the clinch against the cage as RDA escapes. Anjos looks to land a hook and a body shot thumps Dunham, RDA shoots, stuffed. They swing wild again on the break, and Dos Anjos lands a good combo, Dunham misses a high kick but lands a nasty left hook to the dome. They clinch and RDA knees to the head. Dos Anjos is cut and bleeding like mad. a nasty straight left to the nugget by Evan, and again. RDA wings a left overhand  and lands a right.  These guys are going to town on eachother. A big right hand from Dunham and a left. RDA eats a big knee and a leg kick is his reply. Dunham lands a big takedown as the buzzer ends the round. 10-9 Dunham, its all on the last round.

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Round 3: a replay shows Dos Anjos was cut by an accidental head butt. They trade right away, a big left from Dunham and a 1-2 by RDA. Dunham looks to be getting the better of the exchanges as he shoots, stuffed. Dos Anjos spins Dunham against the fence, Dunham escapes and Dos Anjos lands a kick to the body. Big body kick form dos anjos. Dunham lands a left straight and a right hook, but Dos Anjos replies with punches. They clinch and trade, nasty knees from Dunham. Dos Anjos has got a solid beard. They trade wild dirty boxing, Dunham shoots and Dos Anjos lands a left to the head, a big kick to the body for the brazilian. Dunham shoots again, they clinch. one minute left and RDA lands some knees while Dunham goes to the body. RDA swinging wildly. These guys are trading like lunatics, what a great fight. Very close, it could go either way. 10-9 Dunham he takes the 29-28 but it is razor thin.

29-28 to Rafael Dos Anjos said the judges and Dunham looks disappointed, and I feel for him there. Dos Anjos moves to four on the bounce at 155lbs.

Sidenote: Get more food for the next time I stay up this late.(it is 3:12am here)

Jacare Souza vs. Chris Camozzi

Round 1: Camozzi is the biggest underdog on this card, Jon Anik reminds us. They touch gloves and Camozzi jabs and moves. Jacare looks sharp. A big left from the Brazilian who clinches Camozzi against the cage. Mind if I call you CC? cool. CC eats a big left hook and a right. Jacare takes CC down and looks to pass guard. CC needs to get up Jacare is too good on the ground. A massive left shot to the dome by Jacare and again. Damn Jacare is in great shape. CC lands an upkick but Jacare lands in side control, knee to the belly now an omoplata in to side control. Jacare is a grappling whizz to say the least. In to mount and CC is in trouble. Arm triangle AND THAT IS ALL SHE WROTE. WOW! Jacare is a very complete fighter right now, look out 185ers!

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Jacare by Submission round 1-He thanks the crowd, and talks us through his win saying ‘I saw his neck and I just went for it’ He then calls out the winner of Rockhold and Belfort.

I never get tired of seeing that UFC 160 promo where Hunt knocks the fade off of Stefan Struve. Anyway, IIIIIIIIITTTTTTTSSSSSSSS TTTTTIIIIIIIMMMMMEEEEEE!!!!! *does a 360*. Anyone know the name of that badass song Rockhold is walking out to? Vitor looks intense!

Vitor Belfort vs. Luke Rockhold

Round 1: Here we go! Lowkick by Rockhold, Phenom lands and Rockhold slips over, VB on his toes, moving well, tries a spin kick, Rockhold shoots, Vitor lands a fast right hand, they clinch and the crowd is shouting VITOR! Rockhold with some kicks, combo by VB, more Lowkicks by VB, left by Luke. Belfort lands a huge spinning head kick OH MY FREAKING DAYS he follows up with GnP and knocks Luke out stone cold. THAT WAS INSANE!!!!!!!!!!! did that even happen? HELL YES. OK rant over, what a great KO.Belfort wins by KO in round 1. The replays show how accurate and devastating the kick was, Rockhold didn’t know where he was. That is up there with Barboza’s spinning kick on Etim and Anderson’s front kick against Belfort for top 3 kicks in my books. Surely it will be Vitor vs. Silva/Weidman now.

Vitor thanks the fans, and his family and friends. Then says that he is rooting for Anderson to win against Weidman. I’m intrigued to see if Vitor can beat Anderson the second time around. Well that is all from me, thanks for reading and stay tuned to Lowkick!