UFC Fight Night 79 Results: Ben Henderson Defeats Jorge Masvidal

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It’s main event time, as Benson Henderson takes on Jorge Masvidal in the UFC’s first event in Seoul, Korea….

What a great main card it’s been so far, and the main event of Benson Henderson vs. Jorge Masvidal will have a lot to live up to. Here we go!

Henderson moving well, and he looks physically good at welterweight. Masvidal bouncing in and out. Low kick by Bendo, Masvidal patient though. Another low kick, a bit of a slow start here as they work each other out.

Nice combo with the hands by the former lightweight champ, body kick by ‘Gamebred,’ knee to the gut by Henderson, a right hook now too. Body kick again from Masvidal, they exchange nice punches as the crowd chants ‘Henderson.’

Masvidal the aggressor with his footwork, high kick blocked by ‘Smooth,’ big right hook drops Masvidal, they clinch now. Liver shot from the street fighter as they break, and three big kicks land on Henderson.

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Massive low kick from Henderson, Masvidal lands some punches and Hendo very nearly gets a takedown. Close round one finishes. Round two, they exchange kicks, Bendo with some good boxing but it’s more for show. Axe kick from Jorge, flying knee gets countered for Henderson.

They trade wild punches against the fence after a scramble, and now it’s clinch time. Double underhooks for Henderson, heel kicks to the legs from Bendo now, and a nice knee to the bread basket. Great superman to low kick from Smooth, nasty kick to the body from Jorge now. Nice jabs from Bendo, now they grapple, foolish by Masvidal really.

Henderson works from top position with knees, round ends. Round three, front kick to the chops hits Masvidal clean, and now a superman punch. Henderson loosening up, nice kick to the body of Jorge, Henderson shoots and they clinch, again. Wow, another upward elbow from the high crotch position from ‘Smooth.’

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Masvidal looking a bit flat, gets hit with a nut shot. High kicks from both men, left kick to the gut from Bendo. Huge groin kick to the ex-chap to end the round. Ad break ruins the fun. Round four, Henderson with a wide orthodox stance, switches with good punches. Shot from Henderson stuffed again, fight is a little stale at this point.

They clinch and trade strikes on the break, still very close, takedown but Jorge reverses and breaks with elbows. Great double leg from Henderson, Masvidal takes the back though, Henderson looking for a kimura, they go down and Bendo throws up a rubber guard.

Henderson needs to do something big here, he cold be losing another close fight like the Cowboy rematch. Nice flying knee to end the round for Henderson. Round five, Henderson looking amped, Masvidal perhaps tiring a little. Sloppy punch from Benson leads to some nice counters, flying knee to a double leg shot that gets stuffed, and Masvidal stays up.

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Henderson hunting the single leg, Masvidal grabs a high elbow choke, Henderson escapes. Masvidal winning the round right now, frustrating to see this for Bendo again. A strong round could pinch this either way, spinning elbow from Masvidal loses his position, Henderson in control now.

Bendo takes the back from mount, better work here from both men as they scramble and exchange positions, Smooth with ANOTHER td. Round ends with Bendo doing the splits.

48-47 Masvidal, 48-47 Henderson, 49-46 for winner by split decision Benson Henderson