Ex-UFC champ Sean Strickland sounds off on boxing star Ryan Garcia: ‘God I hate famous people’

Sean Strickland goes off on Ryan Garcia

Sean Strickland had some pretty strong opinions about Ryan Garcia’s latest social media post.

After sending fight fans into a panic with a confusing video referencing his own death, Garcia posted a minute-long clip to confirm that he is physically okay, though the former WBC interim lightweight champion looked noticeably dejected. Claiming that he had no access to his phone or credit cards and that someone was attempting to have him jailed, Garcia’s post posed more questions than it provided answers.

Uninterested in the 25-year-old millionaire’s tales of woe online, former UFC middleweight champion Sean Strickland chimed in, calling ‘The Flash’ a “f*cking p*ssy” and reminding him that there are people in the world with far more important issues.

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God I hate famous people. Bro you are f*cking RICH…. They’re kids in salt mines, kids dying of cancer begging for one more day on this earth and you’re having a mental break down on social media.. You f*cking p*ssy,” Strickland wrote in response to Garcia’s video.

Garcia replied, calling Strickland a “bully” and telling him a not-so-subtle way that he needs Jesus.

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“If you knew God you wouldn’t hate anyone,” Garcia responded. “You went on and Took advantage of a streamer who was someone with no exp. And you gave him a concussion. You think you are doing a service but really you are just a bully coming in the name of a hero.”

“You get what you want?? Did enough people tell you they love you??? Do you feel better??? You get enough attention lmao!!! Next time just be a man and pull the mother f*cker don’t press post haha fucking woman,” Strickland snapped back.

Ryan Garcia Pokes fun at Sean strickland’s emotional moment

Garcia also made light of Strickland’s viral appearance on the Theo Von podcast where the outspoken UFC star broke down in tears while discussing his rough upbringing. “Toughest man alive,” Garcia wrote alongside a series of images from the episode. “Captain America look different to me.”

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That prompted yet another response from Strickland, calling Garcia an especially vile four-letter word, among other things.

“Lmao I had a 3 minute slip on a podcast talking about real sh*t…. You had a melt down because a girl haha we ain’t the same.. You’re just another c*nt out there looking for attention. You get enough likes? Lmao and bro you know where to find me. Be about it don’t talk about it,” Strickland added.