Ex-UFC champion Rampage Jackson plots surprising MMA comeback against Darrill Schoonover: ‘I got a hit list’

Rampage Jackson titties Darril Schoonover

Rampage Jackson, the beloved MMA legend, is considering making a comeback against some old foes. Jackson has a hit list, and he’s eager to cross off the names on it while he’s in shape and before he’s too old.

Last active in 2019, Jackson’s last fight was against Fedor Emelianenko at Bellator 237. Things didn’t go his way and Emelianenko finished him with a nasty right cross. At the time, fans could see that Jackson had put on a lot of weight. He was a far cry from the shredded monster that would pick grown men up over his head and slam them.

However, Rampage Jackson has spent a lot of time getting back into shape and feels he is ready now to make one last foray into the world of Combat Sports.

Rampage Jackson speaks on his plans for a comeback and has a list of names he’d like to cross off

In an interview with Middle Easy, Rampage Jackson delved into the details of the comeback he is plotting on. He spoke about life, his career, and the funny experience he had with Darrill Schoonover on TUF 10. See, Jackson had dubbed Schoonover as ‘Titties’, and while it was funny, it actually segued into what is now an ancient beef.

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“I’m in talks now with ‘titties’, I mean, Darrill Schoonover,” Rampage Jackson told Middle Easy. “I’m in talks right now with his brother. His brother hit me up and I’m seeing if Darrill’s interested in fighting. If Darrill beat me in this fight, I would never call him titties again. Never ever would I even mutter the word titties and him in the same sentence again. In the same sentence, I would never do that again.”

“We was on the show, ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ and I can’t remember exactly how the beef started,” Jackson said, speaking about his issues with Schoonover (H/T Middle Easy). “Him and I, we was pretty cool and truth be told at first, he didn’t mind the nickname ‘Titties’. But I think it got outta hand, it just got outta control.”

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“People call me a bully and, and I don’t believe making fun of someone that made fun of you is bullying. I just feel like I won the banter and so now I’m a bully. The world’s gotten so soft. Things got really bad, people started calling him titties and stuff and now he hate me. But, I was going to fight him on the show cause he got in my face and I don’t forget that.”

Rampage Jackson reveals some more names on his ‘hit list’

Rampage Jackson would also speak on his hit list, and how he’d like to cross all of the names off of it and settle some old feuds and rivalries from his career.

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“I wanted to start this whole thing where I do all my grudge matches before I got too old. Just fight everybody I don’t like, if I don’t like you, come and fight man. And now that UFL is a thing and I would like to promote UFL and get it more popular cause I believe in the company. So I wanna do my grudge matches in the UFL. Titties is first on my hitlist: Darrill Schoonover.”

“We got a couple other people on my hit list. I still owe Wanderlei [Silva] one more fight. Cause we’re 2-2. Too bad Shogun [Rua] just retired, I wanna rematch with him cause he beat me one time when I was injured and I never got that one back. There’s a couple people on my hit list.”

Do you think Rampage Jackson will actually make an MMA comeback?