Nate Diaz could care less about selling Jake Paul fight ahead of August boxing debut: ‘Don’t watch’

Nate Diaz Jake Paul fight

Stockton’s own Nate Diaz has been there and done that in the combat sports world and is not interested in fake antics to sell his fight with Jake Paul on August 5th.

The youtube sensation turned pro boxer Jake Paul has been very public with his disappointment in Diaz’s assistance in selling their fight. Paul arranged a press conference before the fight in hopes of capturing some viral moments on film, and Diaz showed up not looking to partake in drama or give the fans any ridiculous moments like the ones he is so known and loved for.

It makes sense, as the Diaz brand is built on authenticity. The brothers had a rough upbringing, and while they later on in life became famous for their attitudes and hilarious antics, none of those moments were staged. In Nate Diaz’s mind, Paul wants him to fake beef and give fans fake moments they can dramatize to help sell the fight. At this point in his legendary career, that’s just something Diaz is unwilling to do.

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Nate Diaz speaks on his upcoming fight with Jake Paul and responds to the disappointment Paul has for his attempts to sell the fight

“That’s his problem,” Nate Diaz began, talking to ESPN. “I don’t really — I think my fighting promotes as it is, promotes my fights. I’m not gonna get into a little kid argument with the guy and act like we’re any realer than it is. It don’t get no realer than this anyway.”

“I don’t need to act like it’s … I don’t talk a bunch of s— like he wants to do, I don’t want to stay and talk s— and go back and forth. He said something about me at the press conference and I’m like, I wasn’t there for no argument. I didn’t even want to go to no press conference to argue with nobody. Like, if we’re gonna argue, we’re gonna fight. So lets just stay the f— away from each other until the fight. Pardon my language.”

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Many think that Jake Paul has a few tricks up his sleeve for their fight week in Texas. Both Paul and Nate Diaz will be there for media scrums and other obligations, and many think Paul is going to purposefully try and antagonize Diaz to cause some viral moments. Wether or not this actually comes to fruition is yet to be seen.

“I’m ready for everything,” Diaz continued. “I’m ready to go to war right now and I’m ready to be cool until it’s time to fight. I don’t care. I’m at a point in my career where I’m not trying to scare anybody, I’m not trying to fool anybody. If people want to watch, that’d be great. If they don’t, that’s fine too. That’s where he got me twisted. I’m not in this gimmick fight with him. I only need him to know that I’ll whup his ass, I don’t need the whole world. I don’t need to go begging to watch. Don’t watch.”

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The boxing community at large is actually of the stance that Diaz will essentially be a lamb getting led to slaughter when he and Paul fight on August 5th. They’ve been very critical of leaked sparring footage, and even Diaz’s own training partners aren’t too impressed with the MMA legend’s skills.

“It comes with the territory,” Nate Diaz said in response to this. “I know boxing dudes and boxing gyms, they’re kind of ignorant to things, a lot of boxers. Whenever I whup someone’s ass, I’m ‘tough,’ I’m ‘in good shape.’ I’m not ‘good.’ You know what I’m saying? But I’m just in better shape than every boxer that I ever sparred ever? Heh. So it comes with the territory, okay? It’s all good.”

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