Misfits Boxing event with Paul-Danis and KSI-Fury fights brings in reported 1.3 million PPV buys

Dillon Danis

Misfits Boxing’s latest offering, featuring the highly anticipated grudge match between Logan Paul and Dillon Danis, appears to have been a smash hit, reportedly bringing in 1.3 million pay-per-view buys.

The report comes courtesy of Happy Punch who revealed the massive number on social media which is said to include over 800,000 live purchases, making it the largest non-professional/amateur boxing event of all time.

Much of that success is being credited to Dillon Danis who brought an insane amount of attention to the event and his fight with Paul after spending weeks online terrorizing the social media star and his fiancee, Nina Agdal ahead of fight night. Unfortunately, the build-up turned out to be much more entertaining than the fight, with Danis opting to keep his guard high and absorb punishment for six rounds of lackluster action.

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In the end, Danis was disqualified for trying to lock in a guillotine choke in the waning seconds of the final round. The attempt sent team members from both sides rushing into the ring, including Logan Paul’s boxing brother, Jake Paul, who quickly ran in before retreating from the scuffle.

Dillon Danis and Tommy Fury Fail to Live Up to the Hype

In the main event of the evening, UK superstars KSI and Tommy Fury squared off in another bout that left a lot to be desired. Through six rounds, both fighters most of their time in the clinch, prompting the referee to step in every two seconds and offer up the occasional warning. By the time it was all said and done, Fury walked away with his 10th straight win via a majority decision.

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In an interview with Boxing Social, John Fury, the father of both Tommy Fury and his world champion brother, Tyson Fury, offered up his take on the sleep-inducing contest.

“To be honest with you, styles make fights and it wasn’t a good watch,” John Fury told Boxing Social. I’m used to seeing two men stand up and box properly. But when another man’s from another background completely to what we’re doing, it’s hard to replicate in sparring, but we knew what he was going to do and I didn’t expect the referee to let him get away with as much holding.

“He was holding him constantly and he couldn’t get his arms out, he was smothering his work, it was horrible to watch. Listen, like I said to mark the end of it: If [KSI] had gotten the decision, there’d have been no qualms from me” (h/t Boxing Scene).

Fortunately, the event was loaded up with a lot of entertaining undercard fights, making up for the less-than-impressive showing by the final four.

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