Mike Perry: UFC 255 Corner There For Motivational And Moral Support

Mike Perry

Mike Perry’s corner for the upcoming UFC 255 pay-per-view event will solely be there for motivational and moral support.

Perry meets veteran Tim Means in a welterweight bout on the main card of UFC 255 this weekend as he looks to go on a two-fight winning streak.

His previous outing saw him comfortably outpoint Mickey Gall back in June but what made more headlines was the fact that his girlfriend Latory Gonzalez was his sole cornerman despite having no real experience in mixed martial arts.

It will be the same case at UFC 255 where Gonzalez — now pregnant — will be joined by a longtime friend of Perry’s.

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“This is all me, this is what I do – ‘Platinum Martial Arts,’” Perry told reporters on Wednesday during virtual media day. “I’ve got the love of my life; that’s the most important thing to me. That’s motivational and, I guess, moral support, you know?

“I just want those people closest to me, the people that I feel are important to me, to be the ones who deserve to sit by me and watch me try to do something special.”

Perry’s friend Matthew will be in his corner while UFC light heavyweight Alex Nicholson — who has been helping Perry prepare — could be present as well though his attendance is still being worked out.

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“Yeah, my boy Matthew (will be in my corner),” Perry said. “He’s a good guy. He kinda just fell into the situation, and he’s helped out with me and Latory and helped us out.

“He knows my boy Alex, and me and Alex have been working to be in the corner this weekend and whatever. I don’t know what’s going on with that, but I wanted to give my buddy an opportunity, and I’m gonna go to work on Saturday – me and the team.”

Like his girlfriend, Perry’s friend Matthew has no real experience in mixed martial arts.

But as far as Perry is concerned, neither did his girlfriend and he is undefeated as of now ever since going with this new outlook on his corner.

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“He knows some things about fighting, but he’s not really … I mean, he’s in the world now, isn’t he?” Perry added. “I like to do that. I like to bring people in. They thought my girl had no experience, but look at her now. Her and my son have already got a win in the UFC, in the corner, handling business.”

What do you make of Perry’s comments?