Mike Perry picks his nose then wipes it on Luke Rockhold during there face-off for their BKFC 41 headlining bout. 

While Perry Vs. Rockhold in a bare knuckle fight is not something that fans asked for, now its hear it is certainly an exciting prospect. Perry has enjoyed a successful life outside the UFC after being cut in 2021 winning two bare knuckle and a mixed rules boxing match.

Now perry will greet promotional newcomer, Rockhold on April 29 and the pair would come face-to-face for the very first time yesterday. The contrasting personalities certainly did not disappoint in their meeting, with Perry picking his nose and wiping it on Rockhold. 

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Mike Perry and Luke Rockhold face-off

Prior to their meeting, Rockhold had harsh words for Perry and seems more than up for the challenge.

“I’m confident in my abilities to put this kid away,” Rockhold told MMA Junkie Radio. “I don’t think he understands the danger that’s coming, and that’s the thing that works to his advantage, too. He doesn’t understand danger; he’s so f*cking dumb. It makes him effective, but also I think it’s gonna leave me the opening so I can put this kid away. I’m big, and I hit hard. I don’t think you’re ready. I’m not an 80-year-old man you can knock the f*ck out. You f*ckng piece of sh*t.”

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Luke Rockhold vs. Mike Perry

The co-main event will also feature two former UFC fighters in Eddie Alvarez and Chad Mendes. While out of competition for several years, Mendes has posted videos to social media of him looking smashing the and looking well above the 145lb limit that he used to fight at. As for Alvarez, well the Underground King he has not had the best run outside of the UFC, his pedigree for exciting fights says that this bout could be all action, for how long it lasts. 

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The card will also feature a litany of bare knuckle bouts including a championship fight between Bec Rawlings and Christene Ferea. 

How does Luke Rockhold Vs. Mike Perry go?