Michael Chiesa Grapples Rafael dos Anjos For Win – UFC Raleigh Results

Michael Chiesa

Next up in our UFC Raleigh co-main event, former lightweight champion Rafael dos Anjos takes on Michael Chiesa at welterweight.

Round 1:

A nice jumping uppercut to the body from dos Anjos to start. Now Chiesa lunges in for the takedown and has dos Anjos against the cage, Chiesa is attempting to take the back. Chiesa drags dos Anjos down and gets the back. Chiesa gets the body triangle locked up with two and a half minutes left in the round.

Chiesa working for the rear-naked choke now. Dos Anjos is able to squirm out of trouble, with Chiesa now in his full guard. After a scramble dos Anjos bursts to his feet and we’re standing again. A big kick to the body lands for dos Anjos, and he follows up with a leg kick before getting double leg taken down by Chiesa. Dos Anjos is to his feet but is being pressed against the cage as the round comes to an end.

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Round 2:

Leg kick from dos Anjos to start the round. Chiesa comes in and clinches up with dos Anjos against the cage, but “RDA” gets dominant position before they separate. Dos Anjos gets the back clinch but they separate again. Chiesa punches his way inside for a takedown. Dos Anjos gets to his feet and is able to keep the fight standing for a bit before getting taken down again. “RDA” getting to his feet again but still has Chiesa glued to him. Dos Anjos falls to the canvas again, gets to his feet, and the round comes to an end.

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Round 3:

Chiesa comes out trying to put the pressure on dos Anjos and clinches up with him against the Octagon. A big takedown from Chiesa and he’s into dos Anjos’ half guard. Chiesa is working for a kimura now. Chiesa straightens out the arm before dos Anjos busts out. Now dos Anjos goes for a heel hook attempt. A bit of a stalemate now. Now Chiesa is back into dos Anjos’ full guard. Both men throwing up shots but Chiesa is the more active from the top. Chiesa advances to half guard. The fight comes to an end.

Official Result: Michael Chiesa def. Rafael dos Anjos via unanimous decision ()