Michael Bisping & Dan Henderson Trade Shots During UFC 251

Michael Bisping

Former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping did a great job on the UFC 251 broadcast in his first commentary gig on a pay-per-view event. Long-time rival Dan Henderson was not as happy as most to hear ‘The Count’ calling the fights in Abu Dhabi 11 years to the day since the two middleweights greats first fought.

On July 11, 2009, Henderson ended his bitter feud with Bisping and scored one of the most iconic knockouts of all-time at UFC 100. Seven years later and the pair would rematch, this time with middleweight gold on the line. Bisping picked up a unanimous decision win in an exciting fight at UFC 204. Since then both men have retired from the sport and for all intents and purposes had put their rivalry to bed.

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Henderson clearly still has some ill will towards Bisping and was triggered by hearing the Brit calling fights at UFC 251, he said.

“Enjoying the fights as much as possible while having to listen to Bisping. Happy anniversary to the night I put you to bed.”

The Count’ was irked by this and was tweeting back at Henderson while simultaneously calling fights, he wrote.

“Yeah on steroids mate. You cheating c*nt. No honour, no surprise. Then I beat you with one eye. Get f*cked sour b*tch.”

“Never won the ufc belt. Don’t be sour you old wanker. Now disappear back to obscurity.”

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“Drinking again and reliving your old glory. All polite to my face and talk shit online. Didn’t have you down as a keyboard warrior.”


Henderson came back by poking fun at Bisping who lost sight in one eye during his fighting days, he wrote.

“Surprised you saw this, guess you’re not keeping your one eye on the fights as you’re supposed to be commentating. No wonder why your commentating is sh*t.”

Bisping ended the conversation by alluding to Henderson’s abuse of TRT, he said.

“Says the guy that’s totally irrelevant haha. Go on insult my eye. So what. Shows what a true piece of sh*t you are. But you say hi when you see me. Lol. A real disgrace to the flag that you fly lol. Doesn’t surprise me. Total fake, should of known, steroid cheating c*nt!”


Is Michael Bisping vs. Dan Henderson one of the greatest rivalries in UFC history?