The next UFC Fight Island 5 bout is at heavyweight. Long-time contender Ben Rothwell is hoping to stretch his current win streak to three. Marcin Tybura is looking to do the same. Someones’ good form has got to end. Let’s find out who it’ll be.

Round 1: Ben Rothwell pushes forward early. He let’s a flurry of punches fly. Marcin Tybura eats them all and gets back to the center of the Octagon. They momentarily break before Rothwell goes back to work. Lot’s of volume coming from Rothwell. He seems to want to get this one early. Tybura isn’t moving. He’s eating everything coming at him and firing back well. Rothwell is starting to slow down, perhaps understanding this is a tougher fight than anticipated. Tybura lands a nice one-two. Rothwell is targeting the body. This is a really fast paced first round between two in form heavyweights. Tybura is popping the jab to maintain range. Rothwell continues to press forward bobbing and weaving as he throws punches followed by a high kick. They clinch up and work the dirty boxing on the inside before breaking. Tybura rips in a big body kick. Rothwell takes a step back for a couple seconds before continuing his forward press. Lot’s of volume and a failed high kick attempt from ‘Big Ben’ before round one ends.

Round 2: A much slower start to round two. Tybura is actually the one pressing forward landing lots of straight shots. After about one minute aggressive Rothwell returns. He’s walking in square just trying to take his opponents head off. They end up against the fence, exchanging techniques and swapping positions. Back to the middle. Tybura is looking good in round two. He’s still eating some shots but is able to get off more of his own and he’s winning the clinch exchanges. Tybura lands and Rothwell seems to wobble for a moment. Maybe not, because now he’s steaming forward with a flurry of punches. He’s showing lots of heart and aggression but is being picked off in this round. Tybura is the much fresher fighter and is getting better as the fight progresses with avoiding his opponent’s attacks. Round two ends with Rothwell pressing forward. He lands a shot just after the horn sounds to end the second stanza.

Round 3: Tybura pops the jab at the start of the final round. He follows up with a straight down the pipe. Rothwell jumps in lands. He is getting picked apart by the Polish fighter though who is able to land several more than his opponent in each exchange. Tybura is really looking like a slick boxer in here. He’s pinging Rothwell with shots, dipping out the way of shots – now he shoots in for a takedown. Tybura takes the fight to the mat. He’s in the guard throwing short shots staying busy. Tybura postures up to avoid a triangle attempt before jumping back into the guard and hammering away with ground strikes. As the clock ticks down Tybura is putting more power in his punches. Rothwell doesn’t seem able to get up he’s stuck in a tough spot. In the final 30 seconds, Tybura is pouring it on lots of punches, elbows up until the final bell.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Marcin Tybura def. Ben Rothwell via unanimous decision

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